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DMASA – Code of Ethics, And Laws

DMASA stands for the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa. DMASA is an independent body that is paid by a number of companies in the direct marketing industry – DMASA ensures its system of self-regulation work in the public interest.

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Observance of the code and the responsibility of, thereof, rest with the individual companies who sign an acknowledgment of compliance when joining the association.

The Purpose of the Code

DMASA lays down criteria for professional conduct for those in direct marketing, whereas, for the public, it provides a clear indication of the self-imposed limitations accepted by those in directing marketing. If there’s a conflict of interest within the business/companies/general public, DMASA excises arbitration.

DMASA deals with complaints as efficiently as possible, if there’s any information required as part of the process in dealing with complaints, delays may occur.

Complaints should be sent directly to The Ombudsman, The Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

In September of 2010, there are laws that were identified as the laws that affect direct marketing in South Africa, such laws are:

  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights Act 108 of 1996
  • The Promotion of Access to Information Act No 2 of 2000
  • The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act No 3 of 2000
  • Electronic Communications and Transactions Act No 25 of 2002
  • Electoral Act of 1998
  • Identification Act of 1997
  • Unfair Discrimination and Promotion of Equality Act of 2000
  • Unfair Businesses Act of 1988
  • The Lotteries Act No 57 0f 1997
  • National Credit Act No 34 of 2005
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Protection of Personal Information Bill

For more information visit DMASA website

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