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Lime Payday Loans

Lime Payday loans
Lime Payday loans

With Lime Loans South Africa, you can get up to 50% interest discount on subsequent loans. This comes with a condition that you repay your loans in time.  With Lime24, you can be worry-free about cash and put your focus on the important aspects of your daily life without any financial straits.

Lime makes use of an automated system that processes your loan application and approved within 5 minutes. It uses a number of different advanced technologies to quickly assess your affordability.  Lime will protect the information you provide, and their payments system meets Visa and MasterCard requirements globally.

Lime Loans South Africa is operated in alignment with the NCR and legislations of the RSA, there are no hidden fees, and thus what you see is what you get.

You can decide how much you need and for how long, then Lime will calculate the repayment amount for the loan amount and repay date chosen. The transparent lime flexible loans are payable for up 35 days, and the minimum amount to borrow is R300.

Loan approval is subject to credit checks and affordability. Lime offers a unique loyalty program to its loyal customers.

Lime Loyalty Program

The loyalty program provided by Lime Loans is tiered, and thus the more loans you repay the more you save.

  • Save 20% when you manage to repay more than 3 loans
  • Save 35% when you manage to repay more than 6 loans
  • Save 50% when you manage to repay more than 9 loans

How to Apply

  • Create a Profile Account (Name, Surname, DOB (Date Of Birth), contact details)
  • Provide Lime with your banking details (Provide more data on the online application to get assigned a better tier)
  • Choose the amount you want and the repayment period, sign the contract and have the money transferred into your account.
  • For a subsequent loan, you will just have to log in with your credentials (mobile number and password) on lime24.co.za, then simply choose the amount you want to borrow and accept the terms.

Lime is a Registered Credit Provider, (Read more on NCR), call the customer service on 010 442 6722, alternatively you can email support@lime24.co.za, The Lime Customer Service is available on Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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