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Nedbank MyPocket Account

Nedbank Pocket Account
Nedbank Pocket Account, image: pxhere.com

Link Nedbank MyPocket Account with your transactional bank account for free, the account enables you to budget and save your money with interest earned when you have a positive balance in your account, with immediate access to your funds.

Any transactional account can be linked to any Nedbank transactional account, the account enables you to save money for rainy days, and or set budget goals, also can be used to manage daily expenses. You can open up to 10 MyPocket accounts linked to a single account, and each account will earn interest.

(See Interest Rates)

MyPocket features

  • When you have linked your account, you can open up to 10 pockets, and each for a different goal (It’s up to you how you manage your money)
  • There are no monthly fees for the MyPocket Account
  • Your account funds are accessible immediately
  • You can give each MyPocket account a name (See how)
  • You can make transfers between your MyPocket Accounts for free
  • You can make electronic payments with your pocket accounts
  • Your account can have any amount; there is no minimum MyPocket account balance.

Save money, it is always the best option to have your money saved – you can have your goals achieved if you have the patience for it. Save money for your tuition fees, car expenses, vet bills, etc. Your savings can be used to pay for your financial obligations, etc.

How to apply

When you have the following accounts:

  1. Nedbank Pay-as-you-use
  2. Nedbank Mobile
  3. Me
  4. Savvy Plus
  5. Savvy Bundle
  6. Ke Yona Bundle
  7. Professional Banking
  8. Nedbank Private Wealth
  9. Optimum
  10. Nedbank 4Me (Child)

You can apply online to complete a less than a minute form. If you don’t have a Nedbank account, open an account from the above list.

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    Updated on November 25, 2019

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    Nedbank MyPocket Account

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