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What makes South Africa what it is – is our tradition in our diversified cultures. In the midst of all the ups and downs faced on a daily basis, we have the money crisis in our youth. We have an employment crisis as well as the crime is on the rise.

I see it happening everywhere, across South Africa, especially in rural areas, many communities are in tears of the crime happening in their areas, and – unemployment could be the number one contributing factor. The people feel the police are not doing enough, whereas sometimes it’s the processing system that delays some of the things to get done and have criminals be dealt with.

The youth I’ve recently observed in Mogopa, Village, earn an average of a R1000 per month – and some of them, unfortunately, have resorted to crime. While some try a number of ways to make money the simplest way positive.  I’ve seen it, we lack patience – we don’t really know what we want, but we do want it now, a confused youth stepping on unknown routes, following a rush of influencers, the evil depth of the majority.

Many young people in South Africa have amazing unutilized talents – some are even great singers, writers, poets, and or even a business guru. I use to ask the question: “Where are we headed?”

It’s 2020 and the world will not change your circumstances if you don’t change yours. Sometimes the Brutal Truth is the only way to get into the heads of our youth. Speaking to one of my friends, he can’t take it as a R1000 per month isn’t enough and he feels stuck in the outskirt of Ventersdorp, far off from Boikhutso and Tsetse villages, it’s the city of Diamond, often abbreviated MGP, Mogopa Village.

Now we battle for two things – one, to change our ways, two, to get a job it doesn’t matter in which order you put them, the struggle of both is on the rise. Most of our South African Youth lack entrepreneurial skills, sometimes they just need to be awakened or acquired.  Growing up we hardly follow our dreams and/or our rightful planned goals of which we are passionate about, instead, we study one while we keep looking back at what really matters to you, but, to what end?

There are so many young people that were previously disadvantaged and success, and yet, the community from which they come from, seem to literally be struggling – your own peers, can never be sidelined – sharing information is very vital.

The youth want a lot of easy money; they have no idea of the joy of fulfillment of ripping the benefits of hard work.  I have come to the conclusion that nothing is impossible, regardless of your background, the color of your skin, culture, tradition – anything is positive, we create our own reality, and we literally make decisions for our own lives and paths we want to endure. Complaining without any solution will eventually leave one in a world of clustered thoughts.

Many South African young people are jobless and as such, there isn’t much activity in their lives, when some do get local odd jobs, and those are people making an honest living – keeping the ‘hassle on’, while in the process most are not satisfied with their jobs, while only a very small percentage are in careers and business.

We have a crisis that can be dealt with by successful individuals in our communities, reinvesting in education, job creation in aims of growth – but our inhumanity is slowly deteriorating – it’s a dog eats dog world, every man for himself and it’s killing us as a nation.

There are people who need help with their businesses, education fees, and small projects – their invisibility hurts deeply. It is often said, “Motho Ke Motho Ka Bathowhich loosely translatesYou are human through other people” – meaning we have to be there for one another.  The South African Youth need to be equipped with the right type of information that’s relevant to what they want to achieve in life. But, Noo!Dololo’ information, and we find ourselves stranded with no idea what to do next with our lives, literally ALL OF OUR LIVES.

Yes, the youth doesn’t try hard enough – I’ve seen how lazy it is easy for one to be. But sharing common goals sometimes helps to gear the youth in the right direction. We lose ourselves in the process, and find ourselves in a dark room questioning the very unanswered question for which the answer is very simple: “GET UP AND GET DOING”. I used to say to my friends, get up and get going, get doing – whatever, DO SOMETHINGOverthinking about how to get money is unhealthy, but working on a project towards getting money opens a whole door of new ideas.

So, South Africa – are we headed towards the right direction in 2020? What have you planned to make this world a better place – in making a difference? Are your new resolutions all about you and your goals? No answer is wrong, and no right answer is questionable – we are all different, but as for our youth, we are lost, shame…

Most young people in Mogopa Village have gone as far as losing interest in looking for a job – and this happens in a lot more villages that one count. The rate of unemployment in South Africa is definitely a bit higher than the current numbers. I hear many of South Africans speak of Forex, and often dived in without enough information and many see it as gambling when others do it professionally.

Hello Entrepreneurs

Do not fail as an entrepreneur, no matter how heavy the road is – yes, as soon as you give up, that’s you failing – failing a project that you once truly believed in and lost sight of that. Don’t spend your stock money after making a profit, that’s you failing your business. Business, Pleasure, and Friendships are all in distant categoriescare for your project just as you would your little Princess or Junior.

Recently the Matric Results were released and massive 85.7% passed matriculants are applying and trying to figure out their path they want to endure.  I don’t know, some people feel their careers chose them when others claim they have no idea how they got where they are, when I feel – asking the question to which the answer is… Yep: “GET UP AND GET DOING”…  I failed to do so, and often we feel we can’t go back – when it can actually be the only thing we can live for. We are a broke youth and the truth is, we have become even stubbornand it’s only later in life when you decide enough is enough when enough has always been enough, but change at any point in life is acceptable.

Our Emerging Entrepreneurs always fail within a year, but get this, I know of many business owners of which what was a ‘concrete’ business lasted only for a month, why? We lack patience, and we fail to reinvest in our opportunities. My name is Isaac More, and this is my Opinion about South African Youth and Money Related Matters, let me know what you think with comments below.

Where are we headed?

For as long as we keep doing the same thing as we did last year, then 2020 will do unto us what 2019 did. We have to develop a different mechanism and think of the future. Life has only this many years, what are you doing productive as each year passes. How many risks do you usually take? If it comes down to having no choice but to sell your car as your last resort to push your business, would you?

Have you made a conscious decision about what you want to live for? Some introspection may be of necessity.

Are we on the right path? We are lost souls, we are greedy, we are self-centered, we are in competition, we fail to see what’s in front, even with a clear sight – we are a disappointment to our communities. We fail to help others, we deny them of the free information to better their lives, so again WHERE ARE WE HEADEDMake a difference at home and see how it affects the nation.

Ideas/tips for our South African Unemployed Youth

A few ideas in an effort to fight poverty would be entrepreneurial ideas. Business and building a brand is an exciting journey, at the however pace your business grows. Even though the business isn’t for everyone, there are other ideas to stay off the 9 to 5 and stay winning at home with online facilities as well starting a small business and gradually growing it. (Before you are replaced by an App)

South Africa’s online presence has grown massively that almost everyone between the ages of 16 – 31 has a smartphone and easily accesses the internet, millions of South Africans browse the internet on a daily basis – think online presence for your business.

Have you considered blogging (Learn more about how to start a blog in South Africa, and start a new journey)? There are very successful and most professional bloggers around the world including South Africa, and as they would tell you the same thing I am going to tell you: The beginning sucks, no… really, in the beginning, we thrive for success, recognition and some more traffic, but then when you have patience and really writing informative articles of value for online users and or visitors, you will eventually get a well-deserved traffic that’s when you can monetize your website and get paid for doing what you love, as well as writing about what interests you.

Some other ideas include saving money from odd jobs to open a business, can be something as small as selling boiled eggs, and eventually add some more items for a variety of products, your product will be sold and it’s a guarantee – make it an everyday guarantee.

The ‘Rona o sa re bora’ team,

Everyone is 100% entitled to their own opinion, and my advice doesn’t constitute as the official advice to take a decision upon it and should you take any advice from my ‘opinionated article’, please be in the know that, you will be doing it at your own accord. 

So team ‘Rona o sa re bora’, You have every right – even though I stand by my words, I still respect everyone’s space and decision.

We definitely know the difference between right and wrong, sometimes taking a risk is always the right decision despite loss or gain. It is something we need to practice. Most South Africans between the ages of 18 and 25 are afraid of taking risks, be spontaneous, get that ‘IT’ factor, force it onto you if you must.  Even when it feels like every door is closing on you, you have no choice but to break in (Please don’t take it literally).

Stand tall and fight for something, for the rest of your life. Be the expert of it; know the ins and outs of your end goal. Breathe, eat, think, smell your end goal and keep the fight on the rise towards a most fulfilling life. There is an abundance room for improvement; it’s never too late to make a few amendments in your chapter.

Come out behind closed doors and show your potential to the world, how are you going to deny the world of your desperately needed skills.  Keep your head held up high and walk like you own the path because you really do.

Striking beyond Money Issues

Ever heard someone say ‘find a thing that you would do for free, and then make money out of it’, and I just did say it.  No business idea is ever small, and no idea is ever stupid, and stupid ideas are most likely billion-dollar ideas. Think beyond money, think end goal, think of your health, your wellbeing, your happiness – how you’ve decided to live your life.

South African youth has so much to offer, we have a community to protect. Helping people gives me so much pleasure, anyhow possible – now imagine that world, a world of peace and ‘tirisano mmogo’.

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