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Finding a hosting company for your website is one thing that we cannot avoid when looking to host a website. With so many hosting companies with competitive shared web hosting prices, it has come to be easier when choosing a hosting solution.

Telkom offers a range of different products and services one of which is their UNIX shared Web Hosting.

UNIX shared Web Hosting


Telkom Unix Features MicroStarterSpecializedSophisticatedSuper-User
Disk Space with:1GB3GB6GB10GB15GB
FTP Accounts1x2x4x7x10x
Databases (MySQL 5 for UNIX and MSSQL 2008 for Windows)1x1x5x10x20x
Support for PHP, Perl, CGI Email and custom CGI     
Web Statistics     
Domain registration (     
Web traffic1GB3GB5GB10GB15GB
Site Builder     
Control Panel for Webpage, Email, Database, and DNS administration Email Accounts:     
Number and size of accounts1@1GB each5@1GB each8@1GB each10@1GB each20@1GB each
Aliases per account5x5x5x5x5x
Mail forwarding     
Spam filter     
Anti-virus Scanning     
Price per monthR 30.26R 59.52R 89.78R 140.22R 200.75

Windows Shared Web Hosting

Disk Space with:10GB15GB
FTP Accounts7x10x
Databases (MySQL 5 for UNIX and MSSQL 2008 for Windows)10x20x
Support for PHP, Perl, CGI Email and custom CGI  
Web Statistics  
Domain registration (  
Web traffic10GB15GB
Site Builder  
Control Panel for Webpage, Email, Database, and DNS administration Email Accounts:  
Number and size of accounts10@1GB each20@1GB each
Aliases per account5x5x
Mail forwarding  
Spam filter  
Anti-virus Scanning  
Price per monthR 150.31R 220.92

Telkom Share Web Hosting Features and Benefits

  • You will gain control of your website through the Telkom’s infrastructure.
  • Daily backups
  • There’s room to upgrade as you grow
  • Pay for what’s needed
  • Secure hosting,
  • Business convenience with centralized sales, service activation and 24/7 customer support services

For more information visit the Telkom’s Shared hosting Page or call Telkom on 10210 and please note that “customers share a physical server, its processor(s), storage/disc space, CPU, memory, and connection to the data center network. Shared hosting is attractive as a low-cost solution for relatively simple websites.

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