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Be it you in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, UK, The US, Dubai or anywhere you want to be, It doesn’t matter, VISA has multilingual service representatives at your disposal 24 hours a day around the clock to assist you with emergencies regarding your Visa Card.

It may happen that you lose your card or it gets stolen in an attempt to defraud you, if such happens, you need to contact the Visa Global Emergency Assistance Services to help you with the following:

  • The representative can block access to your account from unauthorized purchases in a matter of 30 minutes.
  • A representative can help you get a replacement card and have it sent to you within 3 working days.
  • When it happens that you are stranded and in need of cash, Visa Global Emergency Assistance Services will provide emergency cash to be collected anywhere around the world with over 270 000 destinations.

How to contact Assistance Services

In a case that the above mentioned happens, you can do the following to contact the emergency service:

  • Dial 0800 990475 if you are in South Africa (This is a toll-free number in South Africa when calling from a landline)
  • For anyone outside of South Africa and anywhere in the world, please place a collect call on +1 303 967 1090 as an alternative.

Please note that toll-free numbers apply when dialing from a landline in South Africa, when dialing from a hotel room or a cellphone, or dialing the collect number as an alternative, you may be charged fees and VISA cannot be held liable for any fees incurred.

If you dial an international number (collect calls) on +1 303 967 1090 ensure that you are calling through the local network operator.

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