Visa Contactless
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Technology keeps on improving and providing us with innovative ways to do things conveniently such as making payments. The banking sector is getting easier and easier by a day to use. If you have contactless-enabled in your card, you can simply just ‘tap and pay’.

There are technologies specifically designed to read your countless-enabled card for tapping and paying without the need to sign receipts.

How does Visa Contactless work?

  • Look for the contactless symbol at checkout – it looks like a WiFi symbol with a hand holding card encircled together.
  • When making payments, tap your card or your phone to the reader,
  • Wait for payment confirmation
  • Collect your items, and if need be, you can ask for a receipt, if you do not need one, you can exit the store.
  • Visa makes use of it’d first Visa Micro Tag device specifically for Visa contactless payments


  • Make Payments conveniently with a single tap
  • Low fraud risks
  • You can use the contactless service in a way that best suits your needs, and can choose how you want to use it.
  • Magnetic strip for traditional payment is included
  • Use your eligible mobile phone to make payments

To have Visa contactless payments enabled, visit or contact your financial institution for assistance. Anywhere you see the contactless symbol, use the service. If there are any fees, your bank should let you know. Contact your issuer if there are any issues or have any inquiries.

If the merchant accepts Visa contactless payments, take advantage and use your Visa contactless-enabled card to make payment. If any errors occur, swipe to pay.

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