iBusiness is a fully packaged business portal, that aims to add as much important information as possible. It is a business portal website – and the “i” in iBusiness doesn’t necessarily stand for anything but can represent the innovative ideas spread across the website. iB was found and established by Isaac More in 2019. iBusiness is an ongoing project aiming to tackle entrepreneurial issues in rural areas and just about any area of the business as a whole.

There is a very high rate of unemployment in South Africa and a great number of failing and failed entrepreneurs because they didn’t take the necessary steps to secure their business, that’s where iBusiness comes in – and seek out if you have entrepreneurial characteristics.

[ht_message mstyle=”success” title=”iBusiness Aim” show_icon=”true” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]When iBusiness started, the initial aim was to write articles about corporates, however, we have found it very fitting to include the whole business spectrum and structure in every area. This is a way to help consumers come through and rate the products offered by different financial service providers as well as credit providers (FSPs).[/ht_message]

The business topics carry about every aspect of the business – you will come to realize as we continue to grow as a website. We also include news (which will be the most active category as of 2020).

In the near future iBusiness plans to hire at least 20 people and through the continuation of our success, we will be partnering with a few companies and websites to grow our audience massively. We are definitely here to stay – iBusiness is a very serious and professional site with a touch of the author’s personality to make business fun and not all just a bombardment of information.

Any company or aspiring entrepreneurs who would like us to continue making business easier to understand, and help with the continuation of product reviews, please use our PayFast form to contribute any possible amount that you can possibly offer.

There will always be a gap in the market and it is our responsibility to help you assist in recognizing the gap and be able to assess your competition. Our website consists of financial categories such as banking, insurance, loans, investing, business news, etc. as well as topics such as website solutions, credit cards, data bundles, lists and business ideas, etc.

iBusiness believes in providing free information, and thus we will never ask you to pay for the information we provide, whether it’s concerning forex trading and or any financial topic in the business market.

Top iBusiness Topics

Every person in some instance will purchase a financial product – every financial product or service comes with T&Cs. Sometimes, these terms and conditions are not thoroughly explained, and thus users will help us rate these products according to their business transaction experience and/or the actual quality of the product, and if it’s what they said it was for.

Making iBusiness the number one #1 Product and most trusted website in South Africa is our main priority.

iBusiness Main Focus

Our main focus is to ensure the safety and smooth business transaction between companies and consumers. Your hard-earned money is important and so is your online safety.

What makes iBusiness stands out

Reliability, honesty and to top it off, the look – every now and then, the articles are refined, edited, and republished to keep you updated on things that matter most to you. We are dedicated to making sure you are well informed.

We are highly dedicated to the work that we do.  As complex as the business market is, we want to make it easier for you to understand. Our articles are drafted in simple terms and understanding – any complex content will be refined and edited over a period of time.

There will be other linked projects in the near future as we grow, as such; iBusiness will be able to hire a team of members to work together and defeating unemployment – making a difference.  iBusiness accepts donations to upgrade the website into a fully secured and functional online presence.