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    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

    What is iBusiness all About?

    iBusiness is a professional business blog, intended to review some of the best and popular brands in South Africa including forex tutorials, investments, insurance, loans etc . You can be a part by contributing content, and enjoy the benefits of writing, editing and asking questions with our iBusiness Minded Fellows. Read more about us

    How Can I be an iBusiness Website Sponsor?

    Currently iBusiness accepts donation – see why you should be donating to iBusiness.

    Who owns ?

    Isaac More the owner of iBusiness
    Isaac More

    iBusiness is a business website owned by Isaac More independently. Isaac is origionally from Venterdorp, Mogopa Village, and has been a blogger since 2014. The iBusiness Blogger is also in and out of Berseba, Brits where his second home is situated.

    Why don't you have an 'Advertise with us' Page?

    Advertising hasn’t been introduced to iBusiness as yet

    Is there a number I can call?

    Yes but can only be provided when contacted via twitter, facebook or email

    Why was my query not responded?

    With a huge amount of queries we receive, patience is required. However, depending on your query we do try to answer all queries.

    Is iBusiness a registered company?

    No – iBusiness is not a registered entity, but can still be considered an ‘unregistered company’


    When was iBusiness launched?

    iBusiness started in June 2019 – and was officially launched on October 31st., 2019

    Are you hiring?

    From time to time, we will be looking for writers, good writers – who are unemployed and enjoy working from home. This will be announced on our website from time to time and thus it is imperative to keep checking it out.

    What are services offered by iBusiness?

    Reviews and Content writing (See about us)

    Current Major Services needed to improve

    See our Donation Page for clarity