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Why Donate to iBusiness?


Help us grow by making a donation to iBusiness | The main aim of iBusiness is to promote small emerging businesses, especially from rural areas, additionally, The Author(s) will be reviewing popular brands and products in South Africa (to help consumers in making the best decision when purchasing financial products). iBusiness wants to make a difference in the SA community, You can make a donation today.

The financial market is very complex and requires a lot of research, money, and infrastructure.  The iBusiness website was designed in 2019, by the IB writer (Isaac More). As the Founder and Creator of iBusiness, Isaac More is determined to make the project – the biggest yet.

As a professional writer and blogger who has been doing this for over 5 years – Isaac has decided to grow this website and be able to assist members of the communities around South Africa.

About iBusiness

iBusiness is about business matters, brands, website hosting,  loans, insurance, forex trading, banking, Network services, and a whole spectrum of business-related matters.  The financial information provided on our website is to serve the online community with the ins and outs of our economy, financial products, and best and worsted rated services in South Africa.

How exactly are we planning to help the communities?

  • Through information provided on our website for small businesses in South Africa
  • Through the free promotion of businesses in South Africa
  • Giving back to communities as we grow in terms of Sponsorships such as for local community games (soccer, indigenous games, chess, etc.), local businesses, etc.
  • iBusiness is planning to hire at least 20 people by 2025 – who among them will be (Independent Writers, Independent Graphic Designers, Specialized category writers, marketing team, etc. )

Is iBusiness a legally registered entity?

iBusiness is not a registered company, it is a registered website that belongs to the sole appropriator, Isaac More – who is currently working alone (Articles, Designs, Edits, etc.)

It will not be beneficial for iBusiness to be a registered entity as of yet.

How much can I donate?

We’d much appreciate it if you donate any amount that best suits your financial state. Your donation will go through the PayFast Payment Method.

  • Choose any amount and press ‘Pay Now’
  • Choose to use your Credit Card, EFT or Debit Card
  • Confirm Payment and Done

Who is going to handle the money donated?

Everything will be handled by Isaac More as he is the only person currently working under iBusiness as a business writer/blogger/reviewer.

After your payments have been processed through PayFast, it will be withdrawn to be put to use instantly.

How will I know if my money is been put to good use?

We believe in growth, we believe in helping people, making the right decisions and getting right on track after a slip up (It can be website errors, downtime, technical issues, etc.)

With your hard-earned money, we will use it to upgrade our systems, get SSL for our website, better hosting solution, harden online security, Data Bundles for updates and monitoring the website, revamping the website code, Advanced CDN, premium financial tickers, and other premium online registration services to better serve a secured information to our readers.

Is my donation refundable?

Donations above R5000 can be refunded on request, provided that – you request a refund within 15 days of your deposit.

Your donation of more than R5000 will not be withdrawn for 15 days – thus refunds will be easier to process through PayFast.

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”Refund are eligible within 15 days ” show_icon=”true” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]After 15 days, please note that your donation will be put into good use.[/ht_message]

Do you accept all kinds of donations?

Companies can donate resources like “A 5-year free hosting package”, “Free-Data for a year”, “Airtime”, “Laptops”, “Cellphones”, “a Business Vehicle for a writer”, “Office”, “Online Partnership” etc.

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]However, we cannot accept illegal and/or stolen goods and money. In a case where more than R5 000 is donated, additional documentation may be requested by iBusiness before we can officially accept your donation.[/ht_message]

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

You can fairly donate a minimum of R50, it will be much appreciated, as we want to ensure that safety and fairness are enforced in the South African Business Market.

I just want to deposit cash into iBusiness Account

Currently, iBusiness doesn’t have a bank account, and every transaction is currently accepted through PayFast (a secured online payment method).


You are making the right decision in contributing your money to the iBusiness Project.  You make use of our simple form to choose the amount you desired, ideally from R50. Your contribution is towards making a difference in the financial market of consumers.

iBusiness Project wants to inspire and encourage young people in taking part in the entrepreneurial sector, or any financial and business-related sectors.

I want to contribute my original work related to iBusiness articles

When you contribute your work, you will be designed a user account, and after publishing your first 10 articles, you will gain access to publish post anytime without awaiting moderation. However, your work will still be verified each time you publish and may be modified. (Contact us)


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Upgrades and Items needed Quantity Estimation (Average Annual Price)
Dedicated Hosting Package 1/year ( or R1 000 monthly installments) R12 000
SSL 1/year R800
Website Security 1/year R1000
Advanced CDN 1/year R1000
Data Bundles 1/year (R500 a month) R6000
Premium Website Resources (Tickers, plugins, ) 1/year (an estimation of 5 premium plugins in a year) R4425
TOTAL R25 225



Number of Items Total Costs
6 Packages R25 225
Inc. VAT

iBusiness Structure

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]

Isaac More (Owner and Founder) Position  Income Duties

Isaac More


Website Designer R0.00 Monitor errors of the website, redesigning, modifying, etc.
Writer (s) R0.00 Writes for all categories of the website on specified dates
Founder R0.00 The Owner and Founder of iBusiness – handles all finances and issues.



Your donation will be paid to PayFast before it can be withdrawn by the iBusiness owner.

iBusiness Address

Currently, iBusiness is operated in personal home and does not have an office. The website is hosted internationally by GoDaddy. It is designed and functions at North West, Ventersdorp, Mogopa Village.  The personal number can be provided when requested through contact us form.

iBusiness GOALS

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Goals Period Amount
Hire more than 20 people (Within 5 years)
Offer Sponsorships (Within 5 years) Worth of R1 000 000
Double employment (Within 5 years)
Generate Substantial Revenue (Within 3 years)
Create add-on projects (Within 5 years)
Have a fully functional and  Operational  community of writers  



(Within 5 years)

Be the best South African Business Website (Within 5 years)


I want to donate R25 225

You can make a donation of R25 225 which is our goal for a year. We are in the business of all kinds of businesses in South Africa, whether it’s plumbing, cleaning, mining, etc. We dwell in and tackle all issues related to our society.

* Amount

You will not regret making a contribution as iBusiness is one of the biggest projects granted to grow. Please be part of the growth and make a contribution

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