Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is merely designed to help you as a trader with news events and announcement as your fundamental analysis. The use of this information is openly available, and the data is provided as is. By using the information obtained here – you accept all the risks associated with making trade decisions based on the calendar info.

The Economic Calendar is used by a trader not only to monitor the forex market but to gather all the important financial news – to help forecast the affected currency pair movement. Traders understand the risks involved in this market and the Economic Calendar has a high probability of impacting currency movements.

Today Forex Traders are a very serious type of people, in order to succeed in the forex environment, you need to be professional and be interested in all of the world’s economy. There are a lot of factors that can affect the financial market and one of them is Economy and politics, mindset to mention a few. However, the economy announcements are very effective 90% of the time and have to be taken very seriously.

Economic Calendar will display the importance of the announcement as well as the impact it has on the market – and because of this, there are a lot of successful traders in the world, making a good profit on a daily basis.

It’s best to understand the news and what it means to the market, and analyzing the historical data will pay off and also consider people’s reactions, the (Psychology) of the people towards the market at the time of the news announcement.

The Economic Calendar is considered the key to succeeding in Forex. This also helps a lot of traders understand why is the market volatile, a negative announcement may affect the economy negatively while positive announcement may affect the economy positively and these forecasts are what the trader anticipate.

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