10 Online Business Ideas To Start Now!

10 Online Business Ideas To Start Now!
Easy Online Business Ideas, image: pxhere.com

Starting an online business – requires one to start now. We’ve seen the massive growth over the years on how the online business has been conducted.

10 Online Business Ideas To Start Now!
Easy Online Business Ideas, image: pxhere.com

[ht_message mstyle=”success” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]There are thousands and thousands of different ideas, unique ideas, but we are able to notch it down to a few categories. Starting a business may seem like a mammoth task with all the risks, money and time involved when you have the patience and the hard work for it. Eventually, you will succeed. With so many ideas, it will depend on the nature of your business idea on how much risk, money and time are involved.[/ht_message]

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Sometimes, we just need to get started – why not now. No matter the costs, Businesses are risky, however, some businesses just need one to start without much capital.

Most online businesses are low-investment start-up ideas which are great as an entry point for beginners in the biz world.

What’s your idea? Every idea isn’t a stupid idea. Every ‘stupid idea’ is a billion-dollar idea, and every idea is valuable, do you see where I am going with this? Once you have a solid idea – it is time to put all the work. Online Business requires great marketing, user-friendly navigation, excellent customer service, great content (when blogging), honesty (Be real, be genuine) and growth.

Starting an online business without an inventory is doable, and I recommend it 100%. You can grow massively, you can be the richest (Whatever amount you consider rich).

Here are 10 of the greatest ideas to get you started:

1. Selling your First eBook Online

eBook, image: pxhere.com

I remember when I first wrote my novel: “Emotions evoked by events of the past”, I sold it to about 10 people who were my close friends and everyone else wanted to read it for free, and so that’s when I decided to make it freely available, I am still hoping someone will make a film about it. I received a few reviews here and there, some good, some critics were honest and most publishers were not interested unless I had to pay for my own publication.

What a bummer! However, even though I was faced with such disappointments I never ceased writing. Hence, I always urge people to keep the pen on paper or let your fingers tap on each alphabet and makeup words, that’s how easy writing is.

Just with any business, if you want to sell your eBook, you should choose a subject and focus on your niche for your particular market audience.

You can create comic books, poetry, even a novel; there are plenty of topics to choose from. You can use services like Lulu, Blurb and many other popular publishing platforms.

2. Selling Digital products

Selling Digital products
Digital Online Products, image: pxhere.com

I know, an eBook is also a digital product, but just to mention a few more as the world has an abundance of opportunities online. With so many opportunities and so much demand on various subjects, you have an open door to just pick one to start making your first sale.

You can sell other digital products like WordPress themes when you are a developer, Music for other artists or just your own. Furthermore, there are other ways to start a business online like; selling templates, courses online, and you can also sell articles for other bloggers. Even though we do not buy articles we accept your contributions (As long as they are unique, super-rich in content, useful and relevant to our niche)

Selling Digital products is not easy. It will take a whole lot of marketing and advertising. I hardly download digital product but however when I do, it is website related. So, everyone has a market target that’s already out there just waiting for your product.

Let your ideas flow, think thoroughly about your move, and start making sales.

3. Blogging

WordPress Blogging
WordPress Blogging, image: pxhere.com

You can choose a niche and start targeting a particular audience with your niche blog. Choosing a single subject like “forex trading”, “investing”, “SA Networks”, “Insurance“, “Loans” – can make things easier for you and really opens room for growth as a blogger. You won’t get lazy and there isn’t a limit when blogging, as long as you focus on your niche.

You will need to keep your audience updated with newer articles of your particular choice of subject. The more you post, the better Google Rank you’ll achieve – and the more money you’ll make, which shouldn’t be your first priority, focus on content, the rest will follow.

Once you have your blog online, you can include advertising networks like Google AdSense, MGID, Taboola, etc., on your blog as a form of monetizing your blog.

You can also include an “advertise with us” page when you have a successful blog. It is truly amazing when you have a successful blog, with great unique content and updating it every day. You will feel at ease, and the amount of help you’ll get from people/companies will amaze you. It all starts with a single article. Can you imagine the first “entrepreneur.com” article? Look at it now – Just as with ibusiness.co.za (We are here to stay) – because the information that’s important to you, it’s important to us.

4. Web Hosting Reseller

Website Reseller Hosting
Website Reseller Hosting, image: pxhere.com

Website Hosting companies like “AfriHost”, “GoDaddy”, etc. offer reseller’s plans at affordable prices – where you will be able to sell domains, website hosting, SSL Certificate, etc. using their infrastructure. This is commission based, you can make thousands in time, but this is very difficult when you start off.

You can join a Website Hosting Reseller’s program, some of which are free and some of which are pricey. You can add your Reseller’s links to your blog, which is very advisable – even though the links will redirect the user to your registered reseller’s 3rd party website.

If you are a developer, then you can do all the complicated coding that’s needed to integrate it into your own domain or find someone to do it for you (Can be very pricey).

It’s residual and that’s very beneficial.

5. Drop shipper

Drop Shipping is a way to go when you don’t want to deal with products yourself.  You don’t have to deal with an inventory of products – you don’t even have to deliver to your customers, all that you have to do is to make sales and pass orders on to your supplier.

It’s more like having a warehouse but you have people working for you, even though, technically, you are the one working for them, however, look at it in a positive perspective, it eliminates all the financial risks and costs if you owned such a warehouse of product that may not be sold.

So basically, you can list your products on Amazon, eBay or Etsy, when your product is purchased, you make the purchase of the same product from a 3rd party company (Drop Shipper) for a lower price. This process can be automated; you don’t have anything to risk. Then finally your manufacturer or your drop shipper sends the product to the customer who made the purchase of the product.

Every business has its ups and downs – it’s better to find a reputable drop shipper – to avoid delayed products and or unforeseen products. You will be blamed and thus, this is not good for business.

It’s advisable to white label your dropshipping account. Make it your own brand. Grow your brand and make more ching-ching (Sound of money coins) – Remember, that you are responsible for your online marketing as with any other online business.

6. Sell Print on Demand T-shirts

I have a friend of mine (Junior Mohutsiwa), in Venterdorp, Mogopa – He’s the leader of a rap group called YMCC, He’s selling print on demand T-shirts, Caps, etc. You will be surprised at the number of sales he’s made through social media.

He’s growing the brand, we trust the brand, and I, too, want to buy myself one.  So basically it is another form of a drop shipping model as it involves a 3rd party supplier, even though with this type of model, you customize the designed with your own brand.

You can do such from Caps, T-Shirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone cases, trousers, socks (if necessary), craft your own originality and let it spread wide. 

The fun part of it, you don’t have to be a designer.  You can use the freelance site (Make sure they are reputable like 99Designs, Dribble, Fiverr, etc.)

It is advisable to buy in bulks to minimize costs.

7. Sell Print on Demand Posters, Logos, and Prints, etc.

I would use 3rd party domains, but if you know your way around Photoshop, you are headed to the right path when selling posters, logos, etc. You can also use public domain assets to avoid copyrights.

8. Affiliates

As a blogger, you may include links to whatever product you may be promoting as an affiliate, and this is a commissioned based business transaction. You can link and integrate advertising with content throughout your blog, without spamming your users and visitors.

You can choose to promote a product from Vodacom, as an example, and if they have an affiliate program, you can include the affiliate link for your users to use to purchase the product, which is fair.

When blogging, be you – if you are sassy, why not through it in your blog there and there, maintaining the importance and the professionalism thereof that are required of your blog niche.

You don’t have to post 100s of articles a day – you can post one article a day, but really maintain your schedule. But the first impression lasts.

Be real. I am human, you are human – we need useful information, making money shouldn’t be a priority as a blogger, but if you have original and useful content you will make money, either way, so what I am saying is – don’t put your focus on making money – focus on content and the rest will follow.

9.     Create Websites

Website Design
Website Design. image: pxhere.com

I studied IT, and have always been interested in making websites for my clients, who want to start a business, or who merely want to start a blog. I would charge $250 to $500 depending on the nature of your website.

If you have amazing website designing skills – you know it’s your way to go, don’t hesitate, go for it and start creating a strong base for your business. The reality of website designing requires one to keep checking on their clients for any issues. Even with the biggest companies, they are faced with issues and errors every now and then and it’s very normal.

These I can recommend with a Reseller’s program, Design and Host for them, grow, fix design issues, as you build trust for your brand.

10. Sell a Service

Selling a service like creating a website for your clients is one of the best services you can ever indulge in. Whether you are a writer, develop, a photographer, singer, rapper, house cleaner, fitness trainer, any service that you can possibly sell, you can do so – an include it online which is the easiest marketing system there is. You can post on social media and let people know about your services.

You can have your own website where you include all your services and a blog relating to your work for potential clients. It’s all up to you – I love giving things a try. A failed business is better than none at all. In fact, a fail business opens a door for newer, better ideas. I can’t recall how many failed businesses I’ve had but trust me, they are plenty and I am still on the rise; I cannot afford to give up for as long as I breathe.

Author’s notes

If you are in a profitable niche market, you are on the right track. You have to make sure you follow trends, new products, bestsellers, etc. Keep in mind of your niche and update your content on a regular basis for growth.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you from – it begins with a single article, or product and lets the rest take control. As you grow, just like I did when I started with one of my other blogs which I’ve decided to let go and focus on a new niche, I would add more revenue streams, but I’d keep it at a maximum of three (3).

Having multiple revenue streams is important because one might neglect you without any valid reason, or just as a company, it might fall off.

Let’s keep it all ‘businesslike’.

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