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The new Demerit points system (Aarto) to be fully operational in June 2020

The new Demerit points system (Aarto) to be fully operational in June 2020
JMPD officers in Houghton Johannesburg, South Africa, image: Wikipedia

It was confirmed by the Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula that the new Aarto (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) Act will be fully operational by June 2020. With only a few months to go, motorists need to understand the impact of unlawful driving in regard to the new Aarto Act. The new motorist system is designed in an effort to reduce fatalities as well as improve the safety on the road.

This system is designed to penalize drivers who have made it a habit to break the rules of the road in South Africa. The Demerit points system will also reward law-abiding drivers by reducing 1 point every 3 months until a clean slate is reached, only if there are no contraventions with the law on the road.

The Demerit points will be recorded against your name when your penalties and fees are paid, or when you offer to pay in installments, when you are convicted by the court or when an enforcement order is issued, Aarto explains.

When the new Aarto is in full effect by June, everyone will be on 0 points – an individual can have up to 12 points. 0 points is a perfect score, should you exceed 12 points, and your driver’s license will be suspended for 3 months. Get this; your license will be canceled should it be suspended for the 3rd time.

The new Demerit point system applies to operators as well even though they will be treated separately even if it’s the result of the same incident. If you are found to have committed multiple infringements from the same incident, the offense with the highest point will be recorded.

If you are found with a learner’s license, the say points apply but will be reduced when your license is issued. If you are an unlicensed driver on the road, the same system points will apply, and you will only reduce your point when you have your license issued, having said that, should you be caught for the 3rd time, you will be arrested.

You have every right to appeal and have your demerit points recorded against your name reviewed.

Here’s how you be charged

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