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‘Eskom employee arrested for cable theft’

‘Eskom employee arrested for cable theft’
stolen cables, image – Eskom Facebook

Eskom released a statement on Wednesday that an employee has been arrested for cable theft. In a statement, Eskom explains that the employee was arrested together with a dealership owner separately on Tuesday following an interrogation.

The two suspects will remain in custody until they face the law. According to the statement released on Wednesday, the Senior Manager for Maintenance and Operations in Gauteng, Motlhabane Ramashi said:

“Or employee was tracked to a scrap metal dealership in the east of Johannesburg where he delivered 108 meters and 160 meters (11 kV AND 22 kV respectively) of cooper estimated to the value of R280 000, using an Eskom truck on 21 January 2020. The matter was immediately reported to the local South African Police Service (SAPS) who subsequently made arrests

“We are saddened that one of our own is implicated in the alleged theft, however, we remain committed to rooting out any wrongdoings that seek to undermine our efforts to deliver services and be efficient in our operations. The investigation was informed by our commitment to resource optimization where we ensure that material is channeled to its intended use. We will continue to heighten efforts to curb material losses and any criminal act by anyone including our employees” Ramashi added according to the statement.

Eskom explains that cooper theft costs the South African economy 5 to 7-billion Rands in a period of a year, on top of that – they spends billions to replace stolen cables, Eskom explains in a statement.

“Copper theft costs the economy between R5 and R7 billion a year and Eskom spends about R2 billion a year replacing stolen cables,” Eskom stated.

Ramashi continues to urge people to report any suspected criminal activities.

“We urge all those who may be aware of infrastructure theft to play a role in the fight against such serious crimes by sending their anonymous tip-offs to Crime Line on 32211.  We can all make a difference by preventing perpetrators of infrastructure and electricity theft from stealing by reporting them”

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