10X retirement annuity, Steven Nathan explains it better


10x investments has been around for a number of years and they understand the importance of investment. 10x has explained that high investment fees can cost you about 40% of your retirement, and learning that can be very devastating.

“A retirement annuity has very generous tax advantages but it doesn’t mean that just by saving in a retirement annuity, you are gonna have a successful retirement, because the tax is only one part of it what you need to ensure is that the savings that you are investing those are being invested to maximize long-term growth, and the fees that you are paying are minimized and a lot of people with retirement annuities are actually negating the benefits of tax by paying high fees so what you need to do is you need to get the tax advantages of a retirement annuity and ensure that you invest for growth, so you invest in a high equity fund for the long run and you pay very low fees, so if you get those three variables right then you have a very good chance of retiring successfully” – says Steven Nathan, 10x Founder.

The industry charges an average of 3% but 10x Investments always charges less than 1% before VAT. An expensive fee compound over time can lead you to have 40% less money when you retire.

“but if you don’t if you are investing in a portfolio that is not a high growth portfolio then you not gonna get the high returns, you gonna have a lot less money when you retire. If you invest in a Life Company product with upfront commissions and with termination penalty that if you stop your contribution rate or you alter the contribution rate where you want to transfer your money then you are going to be penalized if investing in a high-cost fund with advisor fees, platform fees, active manager fees, costing you 2 – 3% you are going to get a much lower return because fees are going to erode a lot of your long-term wealth,” continues Steven.


With 10x you don’t need an advisor to invest with them, all you have to do is to directly save your money and let it grow every year. 10X’s low fee includes guidance, tools, calculations, and a plan to keep you on track.

10X Retirement Experts are always on the line if you want to chat. 10X Investments manages over R15bn in assets for industry-leading clients, such as Virgin Active, Isuzu, EOH, etc.

10X Investments is a licensed Financial Services Provider #28250 and S13B Pension Funds Administrator #24/444.

For more information on the product visit: 10x retirement annuity page

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