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If you are one of many people who would like to start a business online, guess what? You can start it today without any hesitation. There are plenty of ideas and some of which we fail to tackle and or rather understand. The internet Online Business grows faster than you can say “Online Business” at each and every single second around the clock.

If you haven’t decided on what to do, the online business is not very complex; however, there might be some financial and legal routes to go through. Sometimes involving your accountant and lawyers isn’t a bad idea. It depends on how much you are willing to spend.

I have said it many times that starting a business online doesn’t require risky investments, when in fact it could be free or can cost way less than you can ever imagine –  This opens a door to many potential customers coming through online looking for your business.

You can have your online business ready within a few days – and that’s the easy part. However the marketing part of it can be detrimental to one’s soul – you will need the skills and the know-how of how to market your online business.

You can be the next best online entrepreneur, even though it requires time and patience, it’s doable.

Online Business Ideas

A profitable online business has become challenging over the years, each year as it passes – I have had multiple failed online businesses – I would often think about how it could be if I had a successful blog online. I’ve learned so much, and I realize that back then I didn’t have all the patience in the world, I wanted my online business to explode massively within days, which is highly impossible.

The last time I had a job, a 9 – 5, was 5 years ago, and it’s been hard, somewhere along the way I was able to buy myself a car through blogging and failed to invest in my business, and it went downhill from there.

Never underestimate the online business, when you start making money online, you will want to reinvest in your business at all cost – and be prepared ‘financially’ for rainy days.

Ever since I failed my online business, each year, I’ve been procrastinating, I’ve dragged my feet way too long, but that’s how I’ve seen the light and came up with my ultimate and it’s for life.

It was time to step out of my comfort zone and start working on my ideas. I am ready for 2020 and whatever it brings at me.

1. Get into Forex trading

Forex Trading, Charts
Forex Trading, Charts, image:

I have a lot of Forex Trading Tutorials (Learn what is Forex Trading) on this website, I discuss the possibilities of making money online using Forex.

Forex trading is a risky investment (High Risks) – taking all things into consideration, you need to learn how to handle the risks involved and how to minimize them.

The idea between FX is to sell and/or buy currencies, the word FOREX is derived from the words Foreign Exchange.

There are Forex Guru’s around the world, even in South Africans who are filthy rich from trading.

Here are some resources to help you get started with Forex Trading:

Just like with anything, Forex Trading isn’t suitable for everyone – and I would recommend doing it as a part-time (Don’t use all your hard-earned money to trade – rather use the money you don’t need to trade)


  • Trade flexible hours
  • You can use your smartphone to trade
  • You decide how much you need to spend
  • Potential 2nd Income when you have a job


  • Risky Investment
  • You have to use your own money to make a profit
  • You can lose all your money within seconds if you don’t know what you doing.

2. Blogging

WordPress Blogging
WordPress Blogging, image:

Learn how to start a blog online in 2020 as discussed on iBusiness. Starting a blog isn’t difficult at all, but running a successful blog requires a whole lot of effort.

I guarantee you that you’ll make tons of money blogging, but it won’t happen at one go. It takes time, and you must be patient.

No many how tough the competition online is, once you find your niche, it’s often best to look at your competition and do whatever it takes to beat them (If they rank higher, find out why – look at their articles and find ways to make yours similar but better).

Once you have a blog, you can monetize it (Using Google AdSense), Your good looking blog will easily be accepted by Google for monetization.

Growing as a blogger can be very profitable – you can make R500 000 (That’s roughly $50K) a month. That’s right! Some bloggers make, even more, I am in it for the long haul – I just might write an article about how I made my first R1 000 000 (a rough $70 000).

Running a successful blog you need:

  • To update your blog consistently
  • To have an informative Blog (Can entertain or educate)
  • Interact with users when they comment on your posts


  • You work flexible hours
  • You can make money working from home
  • You can declare yourself as self-employed.
  • Enjoy all the benefits and lifestyle that comes with running a successful blog


  • Requires patience
  • Takes time to grow
  • Time-consuming

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing earns you commission for selling someone’s product, and it works best if you have a blog (How to Start a Blog).

You can include links to the product you are promoting as an affiliate, and this is a commission-based business transaction. You can link and integrate advertising with content throughout your blog, without spamming your users and visitors.

How does it work?

You can sign up on, for example, Amazon Affiliate as an affiliate to sell a company’s product using a special referral link created for you to help promote and start making sales.

Commissions can range from 8% and higher depending on the product and the company you are affiliated with.

There are also affiliate networks like ClickBank and Shareasale which offer a vast array of different products. Why not join today and stop procrastinating!

Remember: You are responsible for the marketing of the products you want to promote.

4. Become a Youtuber or a Vlogger

Become a Youtuber
Become a Youtuber, image:

Times have changed, it isn’t just about text rich articles, Google search has changed the way we see things. Rich media such as Videos are now trending and Vloggers are making millions of dollars online. Youtube is the number one online video streaming service – and I wouldn’t believe a thing if you’d ever tell me that you’ve never watched a Youtube video.

With the massive growth of videos online, there are now plenty of video content platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Live Video and Youtube. Putting out your video out there on these platforms opens a room for millions of people to find your video online.

There are self-made famous Youtubers who are now bigger than I’ve ever imagined they would be, having said that, the idea shouldn’t be to make viral videos but great video content for users, but if your video gets viral then that great.

You can start your own Vblog or a video channel, you can make a lot of money viewing and promoting company products just as you can do as a blogger.

Make sure your videos are clear and audible and rich in content for great user experience.

5. Website Developer / Designer

Website Design
Website Design. image:

You need the necessary skills to do any of the ideas that we list on our blog. If you don’t have the skills and knowledge, thorough research won’t hurt.

It’s best to actually start off small, find a way to do your business in your spare time, perhaps during weekends – you will be able to test the waters. Don’t make a mistake of quitting your job and losing your primary income

Create a business plan, you need to be better than your competition – in time your business plan should evolve.

In most cases, I think a sole proprietorship is a more appropriate route as you will be personally liable for your business – and as a beginner, it is okay not to register your business, because not all businesses are necessarily eligible for registration according to CIPC.

Some business needs an office, some can be operated from home, but most online businesses can be operated from home.

In this case though, if you want to be a Web Designer, you truly need the skills to do it. Website Designers are high demand in all companies around the world. A freelancer web designer is one of the top business ideas for most Students who have studied IT.

Small Companies are your target, but as you grow, bigger companies will also be interested at work if you have a professional track record of your work. You can clearly integrate your web designing plans to your blog for potential customers online.

6. Selling Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life Insurance, image:

In South Africa, Selling life Insurance is made simple through the internet; you can register as a partner and get affiliated links as referrals to help promote insurance quotes.

I believe as an online business you can the most successful life insurance seller for different companies. If you have a successful blog, and catering relevant insurance content on your website, you can make lots of thousands every month.

Not all insurance companies offer partnership programs, but most of them do. Take advantage of the opportunities provided on the internet to make money online.

7. Social Media Consultant

Social Media
Social Media, image:

I am amazed at the hours we spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Imagine if you could make money online for using the social network.

As a social media Consults, you will grow someone’s business brand – most companies are in need of people, who have a heavy social media presence.

8. SEO Consultant

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEO – Search Engine Optimization, image:

Understanding the complexities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very beneficial for you when you want to start making it a business for upcoming and already established companies.

With a vast growth of websites and users, appearing organically on search engines is becoming more arduous, and not only that but it is also becoming remunerative.

As diaphanous as the organic search keywords at the top are, many companies in the world want to appear at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The internet is growing and it’s also growing more lucrative, and you can make money with just about any niche website you create with the right SEO skills.

Focusing on a niche

Marketing your website is what unlocks your success, which we know – if when there’s demand for your products in the market that is simply not enough. Imagine if you reached the users who are most likely to buy your products.

With a niche and SEO, you can drive the right videos to your website to actually discover your products. So, catering to a specific audience makes things easier – choose your subject – if it’s novels, concentrate on books, if it’s insurance, concentrate only on insurance. If it’s iBusiness, concentrate on everything iBusiness, just like that.

9. Start a Chatbot Business


Chatbot has grown massively; AI-powered chatbots bestow an incredible new digital frontier for all businesses across the world that is looking to automate a chat with its customers, it’s an innovative move and has proven to work for most companies – businesses across all spectrums are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Launch your own chatbot for your business and make money.

10. Become a Resume/CV online expert

Resume - CV
Resume – CV, image:

Every single day, there are thousands and thousands of people looking for a job. From time to time, they will be needing help with their resumes and cover letters. (We will be covering some of the aspects on our website.)

You can help someone get hired today; can you imagine how grateful they will be? They will forever be indebted, and I bet you they will bring you more clients to your doorstep.

11. Social Media Sponsorships

Social Media - Influencers
Social Media – Influencers, image:

Do you have a great presence on social media? Do you have a great following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? If you answered yes to any of the questions, I bet you sponsorship opportunities will become available, you still need to find a niche, what’s your focus?

Relevant Advertising is always important and keeps your followers engaged.

Author’s Notes

Is 2020 your year? I bet it is! Take a stand, take a chance and see where it will lead you – you can tweet me any time of the day and so we can further discuss online business ideas.

If you already have an online idea, let me know about it in the comments section below.

Let’s talk, let’s explore…

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