R350 Grant Relief Update: Sassa to pay more people, confirms Lindiwe Zulu


The Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu has confirmed that more people will be paid. SASSA (The South African Social Security Agency) has confirmed that a whole lot more people who applied for the R350 grant relief for 6 months will be getting paid.

SASSA paid 10 people last week for testing purposes.

702 reports: Clement Manyathela spoke to the Social Development Minister and she has stated that they need a watertight system.

Lindiwe confirmed that 140 000 will be paid this week and that they have sent 500 000 entries to SARS for clearance of which 185 000 have been cleared.


We need a system that is watertight. The first 140,000 who have been cleared will be paid this week. We have sent the next batch of 500,00 to SARS (the South African Revenue Service). Out of that Sassa has cleared 185,000, says Lindiwe Zulu, Minister – Department of Social Development

SASSA wants to ensure that the money is received by people who have no income at all.

We appreciate and understand that people are hungry but we cannot have a situation where for six months we will be paying to R350 to people who are already getting money and those that are getting absolutely nothing. added Lindiwe Zulu, Minister – Department of Social Development

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