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Capitec Bank

Capitec Launches an entirely new banking app

Capitec New App
Capitec New App, credit: Capitec Bank

Capitec bank launched the new banking app, it’s not an update of the existing app but an entirely new and improved app. The new Capitec app has been available since, Monday, 21 October 2019.

If you haven’t downloaded the new app, you can do so on your app store by searching the keywords “Capitec Bank“. You can still use the old app until you decide to upgrade, which you eventually will have to, for benefits of the extra added features.

What’s new in the New Capitec App

  • You can see all your accounts and balances summarized in one go.
  • Set up your own shortcuts (Customize your favorites)
  •  Track your spend
  • Authenticate with fingerprint or facial recognition if your phone supports it. (This is now as Biometric)
  • Manage contactless card transaction

There will be no need to revisit the branch, as long as you’ve been using the old app, you can upgrade to the new app – it’s easier when you have verified your email address on the current app.

Your functionality is still intact even you move to a new app. You will be able to tap and pay without entering your pin. You will be able to switch this on and off using the new Capitec app.

You won’t lose anything when you move. The only thing that will change is the look and improved functionality with added features.

Supported Phones include any android running version 5.0 and higher as well as Apple phone running version iOS 90 and higher.

When you are a Vodacom, MTN, Telkom Mobile or Cell C subscribers you will browse the app for free at all times, however when you download and activate the app, you will need data to do so.

Remember that once you have downloaded and activated the new app, you cannot revert to the old capitec app.

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