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1Life Insurance

1Life Insurance
1Life Insurance, image: 1Life.co.za

Life comes in different shapes and forms – we are faced with predicaments every now and then, and some difficult situations can be very steep financially. Some situations can be avoided, like having to worry about burial costs, or leaving your children and possibly your spouse stranded when you are no more, or when you get disabled suddenly and you have to deal with all the costs that come with it, including difficulty in finding a job, or difficulty in doing any job.

You don’t want to be left in a situation where you are critically ill and cannot find the care you need, or perhaps when you hit rock bottom through all these difficulties and you have absolutely nowhere to go with no income at all.

It is important to always prevent unnecessary costs during our journey in life when there are so many solutions at hand


People make loans to bury a loved one and use some of the money that they’ve saved, which is a good thing but again – these costs of life can be minimized through insurance covers. One Premium a month can do well in your life.

If you have been looking for solutions and getting covered in every aspect of your life, there are so many covers that you can choose from – Let’s take a look at the insurance policies offered by 1Life.

1Life offers the following insurance policies

  • Funeral Cover
  • Life Cover
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dread Disease and Critical illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Female Dread Disease

These covers are individually quoted when you want to be covered. You have the right to take them all and buy it as one premium – or choose the one you need.

Let’s look at the depth of these Insurance Policies

1Life Funeral Cover – up to R100 000

1Life Funeral Covers for every aspect your burial costs including grocery and memorial benefits – even when you find that you loved your loved one in a different country, 1Life offers repatriation services in cases as such.

Get covered from R 10 000 all the way up to R100 000 – and this is for the primary account policyholder, whereas your spouse can be covered from R5 000 to R10 000. Any additional members get up to R50 000 cover.

The maximum that you can go, or rather the maximum number of people you can cover, is 18, in which it may be you, your spouse, up to 5 children and 11 extended family members


Claiming at 1lifeis made easy, and every successful claim gets paid out within 24 hours and you pay the same premium amount for the first 12 months. The repatriation service covers SADC countries only; 1Life will offer an extra R5 000 memorial benefit as well as a grocery benefit worth R6000.

Choose what you can afford, choose your own cover – insure your 5 kids, and 11 additional members as well as your spouse – there are no medical tests or paperwork required. 1Life has a premium waiver in case the Primary Policy Holder dies, in this case, the cover will remain in place for the next 2 years (24 months) and no further premiums will have to be paid – However after such period and or during the period, the spouse can decide to continue with the policy which I think should be recommended when the spouse is able to pay for the premiums.

1Life covers suicide – and the waiting period is 24 months (2 years). In the case of accidental death, you will be covered immediately. There is a waiting for a natural death of a policy of up R50 000 is 6 months and 12 months if you have taken up a policy above R50 000.

Options to consider

  • Grocery Benefit – In a case that a Primary Policy Holder Dies, the family will receive up to R1000 per month for groceries, for 6 months.
  • Memorial Benefit – You get R5 000 for a headstone for the unveiling on the anniversary of a successful claim.
  • Repatriation Service (the act of returning to the country of origin)
  • Plus you get all the help you need in regard to your policy as well as legal assistance (Questions regarding funeral and claim procedures)

The premium is calculated according to your age, and members insured on your policy. You can cover up to 5 children under the age of 22 (or up to 25 if the child is a full-time student) and the main member has to between the ages of 18 and 65. You can insure (Add) your parents up to the age of 75 and extended family members up to the age of 65 years.

Additional member  Min. sum assured Max. sum assured
Main member R10 000 R100 000
Spouse/Partner R5 000 R100 000
Children 5 years or younger R1 250 R10 000
Children aged 6-13 years R2 250 R15 000
Children aged 14-21 years
(or 25 if full-time students)
 R5 000 R50 000
Parents R5 000 R50 000
Extended family members R5 000 R50 000


You can call 0860 10 51 96 or Get an online quote – or find out how to claim

1Life Life Cover (Life Insurance)

Life Cover with 1Life made things easy – all you have to do is to make that one phone call to 0860 10 53 40 and you can get a life cover of up to R10 Million.

With 1Life you can nominate up to 10 people (Beneficiaries) who are going to benefit and or receive financial support when you are no more (In the unfortunate event of your death). 1Life will not perform any medical checkups or HIV test, and with a Life Cover, your premiums will remain the same for 24 months.

Even though there are terms and conditions, get an immediate R50 000 funeral benefit for all the burial costs.  Terms and conditions (Your policy’s waiting period in this regard of a funeral benefit is 6 months and you shouldn’t have missed any premiums, thus all premiums must be in order and updated.  Your contract must meet the legal agreement, in a case of death your waiting period is 6 months, and the life benefit is payable only due to accidental causes)

Pay Now Benefit will be paid as a result of death due to natural causes when your policy has been active for 12 months.

Certified Documents needed when you claim:

  • BI5 (Death Certificate)
  • Any case other than natural causes of death, a police report is required.
  • BI1663 (Notification of Death)
  • Policy Holder’s ID
  • Banking details of a beneficiary
  • ID Copy of a beneficiary

Getting a Life Insurance with 1Life requires an HIV Test. No other medical checkups and medical examinations.

With life insurance from 1Life, you can protect your family financially in case anything happens to you in the unfortunate event that you pass on. You get fixed premiums for 12 months and they will only increase by 5% per year. You can increase your cover amount as you wish, perhaps when you have a kid and/or married.  Suicide is covered after 24 months.

Your age affects your monthly premiums as well as your occupation, health, and gender. A claim at any stage may be rejected when you withhold information from 1Life, If the policyholder commits suicide within 24 months of the policy if the policyholder dies in criminal acts, excessive consumption of alcohol and drug, etc.

Get a quote online or visit www.1life.co.za for more information

1Life Disability Insurance – up to R10 Million

Every you walk outside the door you are facing the dangers of the worlds, anything can happen, and it may also happen at the back of your yard or inside your kitchen or dining room, accidents do happen, are an unfortunate part of our lives. So, you don’t want to find yourself stranded when you can get a 1Life disability insurance cover of up to R10 Million depending on the cover you choose.

There will be no medical checkups; however, a 1Life Disability Insurance Cover requires one to have an HIV test.  You will not pay a cent more for 24 months – with the fixed premium, you pay the same amount for 2 years.

Disability Cover pays out from R50 000 all the way up to R10 million in the event of permanent disability of the person who is the policyholder. You can do whatever you want with funds. There are two types of 1Life personal disability insurance.

  • Occupation-Based Disablement
  • Event-Based Disablement

When you get injured at your workplace resulting in permanent disability, occupation-based disablement will payout, and in case of event-based disablement please refer to 1Life Policy Book.

Your claim will be rejected if you get disabled in a case where you participated in a war, riots or any kind of terrorism, criminal acts, radioactivity, nuclear explosions, self-inflicted injuries and or illness, excessive consumption of alcohol, and participation in any hazardous sport or pursuit.

For more information call 0860 10 51 96

Or get a code online

Factors that can affect your premiums are your age, occupation, health, and gender.

1Life Dread Disease and Critical illness Cover

No matter how well we take care of ourselves we just can’t predict the future, it is always best to prepare for the unthinkable – you might find yourself in a situation that you couldn’t have known and avoided. In such a case, 1Life has got you covered. The Dread Disease insurance covers cancer, stroke and or any illnesses.

The cover can pay up to R4 million in a case that you have to deal with a serious illness and for the first 24 months, you will be paying a fixed premium. You are required to take an HIV test, and no other medical checks, you can use the money as a source of income and or pay medical costs if you don’t have a medical aid.

Should you be faced with serious illnesses, 1Life dread disease cover will payout a percentage of cover amounts as a tax-free lump sum.

You can use the money for anything you want and medical bills to help you in the process of recuperation.  The premiums only increase by 5% after 24 months. Age, Occupation, Gender, Health are all factors that will affect your premiums.

25% is paid out to life-impacting diseases (You can only claim once for the same condition unless you deteriorate to a life-threatening disease, you will get the remaining 75%)

100% is paid out to life-threatening diseases (Your cover will cease)

Your claim will be rejected if the illness was caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, drug, radioactivity or nuclear explosion.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 to apply.

Get a Quote Online

1Life Income Protection

Get an income protection cover today with 1Life – In case you get sick and unable to return to work – and if you are temporarily disabled. 1Life Expense Protector Policy will ensure and pays you a monthly income to help pay for your bills, buy groceries, etc. You shouldn’t fall short when life drags you down, 1Life will cover your costs until you return to work.

Disability as a result of an accident is covered immediately. Your premiums won’t increase for the first 24 months of your cover.

The premiums increase by 5% after 24 months.  You can choose between 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your total insured amount.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 59 to qualify for the cover.

Your claim will be rejected if you get disabled in a case where you participated in a war, riots or any kind of terrorism, criminal acts, radioactivity, nuclear explosions, self-inflicted injuries and or illness, excessive consumption of alcohol, and participation in any hazardous sport or pursuit.

Call now on 0860 10 51 96 for further information.

1Life Female Dread Disease

Women are protected for any dread disease with a 1Life female dread disease insurance for women.  If you or your children get a serious illness like cancer, you will have access to take care of them.

You can cover up to 6 children, if you are diagnosed with female-specific cancer, you will get a lump sum payout.

You also get emergency benefits such as a panic button, Trauma, Assault Helpline and or home invasion assistance and this includes a Home Safe Chauffeur, Law for Her & HIV Prevention Benefit.

You will also be protected against pregnancy-related complications, HIV accidental exposure, and systemic lupus.

You can cover medical bills or basic living expenses. It’s your money, and your premiums will only increase after 24 months at 5% – read more on Female Dread Disease by 1Life.

How to Claim at 1Life?

So now that you are ready to claim, you will be appointed a 1Life Consultant to help you with the process and every important aspect of the process.

You can call 0860 10 51 96

Or email claims@1life.co.za

Documents required are:

  • Claim form (Filled and completed)
  • Certified Copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased (This is needed for life and funeral cover claims)
  • Certified Copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased’s and the beneficiary’s ID copy (This is needed for Life Insurance Claims)
  • Medical Reports (Depends on the claim)

A 1Life Consultant might need additional documents to complete the claiming process. For Funeral Covers, payouts are within 24 hours when the claim has been approved. For Life Insurance, payouts may take longer, however, the “Pay Now Funeral Benefit” will be processed within 24 hours of the claim provided that all documents have been received and approved.

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