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President Ramaphosa to address the nation tonight

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation at 7 pm on Sunday (24 May 2020). The president will be looking at SA’s implementation of a risk-adjusted strategy in regard to the current global pandemic of coronavirus, which led to a nation-wide lockdown.

Mr. President is expected to talk measures implemented to curb the spread COVID-19.  Ramaphosa is been in and out of meetings with the Cabinet, NCCC (National Coronavirus Command Council), and the President’s Coordinating Council.

NCCC has already approved international travel for South Africans working and studying abroad. EWN reported that the Department of Home Affairs said SA citizens ‘would be’ allowed to leave the country for study, family reunions, work or for medical purposes.

“The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi has, following consultations with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and the NCCC, approved essential travel for South Africans who want to return to countries where they are based,”

SA citizens are will have to produce the destination embassy letter to confirm the reason for traveling. Mr. Ramaphosa is expected to confirm with the nation if we are headed to level 3 on the 1st of June, and if so, if the sale of alcohol will be allowed.

Some areas posing a high risk for the virus will remain on level 4 (areas such as Western Cape, Gauteng).

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