The New 2021 VW Golf GTI revealed ahead of Geneva Motor Show debut

New 2021 GTI rear
New 2021 GTI rear, Image: Wilco Blok / Instagram
New 2021 GTI rear
New 2021 GTI rear, Image: Wilco Blok / Instagram

As each day passes, we draw closer to the Geneva Motor Show where Volkswagen will finally unveil the new 2021 VW Golf GTI. Speaking to Autocar, Volkswagen has confirmed it will debut its latest GTI at Geneva in March.  An image of the new Volkswagen was posted by the car photographer, Wilco Blok (carparazzi), on Instagram.

The image doesn’t say much as it is just the beautiful rear of the hatch and as seen in the picture, has twin exhaust pipes. The hatch has a rear diffuser and a big rear spoiler suggesting a Clubsport variant.

The Mk 8 GTI will have a 2.0-liter engine and because the Golf R’s performance will make 296 horsepower, the new GTI may range between 230 and 245, as the last model in 2019 was 228 hp. It was reported that after the unveiling of the new GTI, it will be followed by the R, in June at the 2020 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The new unseen Golf GTI and the Golf R as well the TSI will both be sold as 2021 model years. The what seems to be a 17-inch wheeled, GTI will be available for purchase in South Africa, at the end of 2020. The highest top speed is expected to be around 260km/h.

Coche Spias, the motoring publication also revealed details of the outputs of Golf’s high-performance derivates ranging between 180 – 245 kW.

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