Wonders of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) and Mercedes me app

Mercedes benz charge me app
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes benz charge me app
Mercedes Benz

South Africa, this is off our radar – We don’t have electric cars, but with the increased numbers of electric vehicles around the world, we might just have the implementation on the way. According to a report, in 2018 at least 1.6 million electric vehicles were sold in Europe, the US, and China.

BMW i3, BMW i8, and the Nissan Leaf are the only electric cars we have, now – there is a lot of promise to branch out through the entire nation – this may take a few more years, thus I take it off our radar for now.

In other countries – there is a high use of electric vehicles (EV), with 1000s of charging stations. SA, we are not there yet.

We may be a bit behind with the most sophisticated technologies in the world. Mercedes Benz continues to offer a list of incredible services for electric mobility. Currently, drivers of the Mercedes Benz EQC or plugin hybrid model, who have the latest infotainment generation MBUX, can easily gain access to charging stations in various cities, car parks, shopping centres, etc. in Europe alone.

Mercedes Benz said in a report: “This convenient access to the charging stations is provided by the Mercedes me Charge card, the Mercedes me App or via the vehicle’s media display. No separate contracts are necessary for this: apart from simple authentication, customers benefit from an integrated payment function with simple billing after they have registered their payment method once. Each charging process is booked automatically. The individual charging processes are clearly listed in a monthly invoice.”

You can find Charging Stations (Access stations of the pan-European network IONITY) using the MBUX or the Mercedes me app, you can also set the temperature of your vehicle interior using the App so that when you depart it will already be at your desired temperature.

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