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The importance of having a website for your small emerging business

The importance of having a website for your small emerging business
Having a website for your business

Most small companies in South Africa never consider investing in having a website. You may find a well-established small business that has no enough online presence. One important factor in having a great online presence is to keep or get people talking about your products.

Small businesses in South Africa treat having a website as a ‘luxury’, whereas it is a very good investment. The primary goal of having a business is making money and growth, that’s where the website comes in – you can interact with customers out of your reach.

Having a website you can reach out to thousands if not millions of potential customers – and believe me when I say, most businesses survived because of their online presence. Yes, you can use the website as your marketing tool, and you will be found on Google with just a few SEO basic touch-ups.

Remember that you don’t have to have a premium domain name; you can use Google for Business to create a free website (such as YOUR-BUSINESS-NAME.business.site Powered by Google) and be found easily when your place of business is verified.

Your customers await, and you have nothing to lose, and every right to engage with your customers at no extra cost. Google My Business Account is not just a business listing; your online presence will be immensely improved, connecting with your customers across Google Search and Maps.

You will get a free great Business Profile where you will be able to post photos and your products – Your customers will be able to reach out to you either by calling, messaging or leaving a review for your business.

Why Open a Google My Business Account

  • Each Month 5 billion people search for restaurants, we all have to eat.
  • 3 billion people search for hotels
  • 1 billion people search for clothing shops
  • 600 million people search for hair and beauty salons
  • And 5 million people search for coffee shops

You will be able to manage you’re your Business Profile and see all the clicks, calls, bookings, and how customers engage with your Business Profile.

It isn’t just Google; you can use services such as wix.com. iBusiness has concluded to say not every business needs a website, but still suggest every business should have one.

What sort of businesses do not need to have a website

Businesses that are focused in a small village (small area) for customers, you may come across a corner store as you walk past your neighbor and I don’t believe a website will be beneficial, as it may be an unnecessary expense. Businesses that are willing to branch out need a website.

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