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Hey Google App (Assistant App), now utilized by 500 million people a month


Google Assistant
Google Assistant, image: Google

Google Assistant is one of the innovative ideas by Google, and is simply designed ‘to help people get things done’. The Google Assistant App continues to bring people together, to connect as one within the App even if we don’t speak the same language.

Google has introduced the new feature to the app called ‘Interpreter Mode’ where hotel guests can communicate with concierge speaking different languages. Google partnered with systems integrators Volara and SONIFI in an effort to eliminate the language barrier between companies and customers.

Google announced all features of the Google Assistant AI helper at the CES 2020 event. Some of the features include: (Courtesy of TechCrunch)

  1. Webpage reading – This is a feature where you will be able to ask Google to read an article for you, e.g. “Hey Google, read this page”, also Google mentioned it wants to make the page auto-scroll as it reads the article/page. The Google Assistant will have to be able to read the relevant text and not read social buttons, ads, etc.
  2. Scheduled Actions – Asking Google to do your minor chores like switching on the lights at 7 pm. This feature will be available soon,
  3. Sticky notes – You can easily ask Google to write a sticky note by saying something such as “Hey Google, leave a note that says ‘Isaac is coming home tonight, so cook’”
  4. Speed Dial – You will be able to make calls easily by voice command or by a simple tap
  5. Interpreter Mode – Allows you to communicate to a customer who speaks a different language, a game-changer for businesses.
  6. You can tell Google Assistant to forget a request.

Google Assistant can be used in phones, speakers, smart displays, cars, TVs, Laptops and Tablets, Wearables and more devices such as Nest (Cam IQ Indoor) and Lenovo Smart Clock. With all that being said Subscriptions may be required to access certain content.

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