Absa Islamic Gold Graduate Account

Absa Islamic Gold Graduate Account
Absa Gold Debit Card, image Credit: Absa.co.za

Get the Absa’s Shari’ah-compliant Islamic Gold Graduate Account at affordable monthly fees. Your account can be used to make the usual banking transactions and yet still aligned to the Shari’ah law thus giving you all the banking freedom you need.

You pay a low monthly fee of R52.00 which is included in your transactions, giving you unlimited swipes and all other electronic transactions.

You must be under the age of 30 years to qualify for the Islamic Graduate account. As a graduate, you must at least be in your final year of study or have just graduated to qualify for the account.

You will have to produce a valid South African ID or a valid passport along of proof of residence. You need to have proof of qualifications that are not older than 12 months or a transcript of your final year studies.


The Transactions included in your monthly fee of R52.00 are up to 5 Absa ATM cash withdrawals, 5 cash deposits.

The unlimited free transactions include electronic balance inquiry or statement inquiry be it on the Absa ATM, Internet Banking, Cellphone and/or telephone banking. (Balance Enquiries are free and unlimited)

When you make transfers and internal payments you won’t be charged a transaction fee (Included are internal debit order and stop orders).

When you make purchases with your card, or cash-backs, or beneficiary payments as well as external debit orders via any type of banking types such as Absa ATM, internet, telephone, and mobile banking, you won’t be charged a transaction fee.

Islamic Gold Graduate Account includes unlimited SMS notifications and/or email notifications. Your unused transactions in your Value Bundle roll over for one month if not used.

What’s more?

  • If you maintain a minimum positive balance of R30 000 in your account, you will get 50% discount on monthly service fees.
  • You can get up to 30% discount on flights if you are a traveler with Reward Lite

Some transaction will be based on a standard pay-as-you-transact fee, see pricing brochure, thus is important to know what you will be paying for.

You can make as many transactions at cheaper banking fees. You will be able to make ATM withdrawals or cash backs, electronic fund transfers as well as account payments.  Please keep your Pin safe as it’s your personal identification number and no one should know it.

You will be able to register for online banking. Absa Online Banking gives you access to set limits, pay beneficiaries, set or reset online passwords, retrieve debit card pin, you can transfer money between your accounts.

Change your PIN at any Absa branch and or Absa ATM, earn rewards when you swipe your debit card and can be used globally. Your account number stays the same regardless that you upgrade or transfer to another branch; it is advisable that you visit the Absa Islamic Gold Graduate Account Page for more information.

You can call 0860 000 786 for additional information or email islamicbanking@absa.co.za alternatively, you can visit the nearest Absa Branch.

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