ADSL connectivity in South Africa
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The internet connection demand has grown at a massive rate and every business or homeowners across South Africa need an internet connection. Internet connection is best for business, and or running it from home.

ADSL uses existing copper cables to access the internet, thus has an expansive coverage across South Africa. The copper cables are used for landlines and the ADSL services offered by a number of SPs in South Africa. Having both a voice line and Internet access through copper cables can be best for business, even though there are other options like fibre connection.

For one to have an ADSL connection for your business or personal use, you need to already have a voice line installed and connected.  This will be used to connect you to the internet easily. Do you need a voice line installed? The biggest company in South Africa that deals with voice lines is Telkom. Then after having it installed – your ADSL Service Provider will get you an ASDL installed and ready to connect to the internet (You will choose your own data plan and speed).

Having ADSL requires three things:

  1. A voice line/landline (You can have Telkom install it for you – without the landline makes it impossible for your ADSL Provider to install the service)
  2. The Product itself – The ADSL from your service provider with the line speed and data product of your choice.
  3. ADSL Router – Some Service Provider might give you a free ADSL Router – However, it is very affordable if you don’t get one for free on a special offer.

If your area has the existing copper cable infrastructures, you may consider using an ADSL; it has been in use over the years and renders reliable connection. Get a broadband plan that works for you, for your home or small- to medium business if you are not yet ready for fibre.

5 companies offering competitive ADSL packages

1. AfriHost ADSL

DSL Lines

Get a modem or a Wi-Fi router from AfriHost and connect to the internet at affordable prices. There’s a range of different Wi-Fi routers to choose from, for a great performance.

Just stay connected and use a Wi-Fi router from AfriHost to get more coverage for your home. See plans.

Capped DSL

We need speed, the faster the better – AfriHost offer DSL combo deals at incredible prices – if you want to save money. You can move your OpenServe line to AfriHost and save money. With AfriHost Capped DSL you get an unshaped premium broadband performance. Compare prices by visiting for more information.

Enjoy an unshaped service and stream your videos and VOIP without any worry.

Telkom ADSL or VDSL

Get a Telkom ADSL or VDSL and have it managed by AfriHost.  AfriHost will deal with OpenServe (The DSL Network Division formerly part of Telkom). AfriHost will take care of your DSL Line whenever you need help.

Prepaid ADSL or VDSL

It is not every time that we’d need to sign up a month to month contract. Sometimes, we just need as little data as we can possibly have – and or, top up our Data Bundles whenever we need it.

If you paid for a premium unshaped data, you will be able to use it anytime for 12 months and you can still be able to extend your data with a prepaid top-up. If you have fibre in your area, AfriHost capped data packages are compatible with it – you can easily sign up today.

Uncapped ADSL or VDSL

Get an uncapped business bundle up to 20Mbps for only R999 per month. Get an affordable DSL connection – Uncapped DSL line ranges from 8Mbps up to 20Mbps.

You can pay up to R3167.00 per month (up to 40Mbps) for and unmetered bandwidth, Business priority in connection, Fixed IP at R50, Telkom Voice and DSL line included, etc.

AfriHost offers a massive range of different ADSL or VDSL packages. It is best to visit for more information.


Get your free 1GB every month with AfriHost. This Free Internet Data is allocated on the 1st of each month. Anyone can sign up for a free GB; you can use the Free GB for as long as you want, without upgrading to a prepaid plan.

There are no contracts, Get a Telkom landline and so you can qualify for a DSL line. You can use the data for anything you want.

2. HostKing ADSL


HostKing ADSL Line starts from as little as R71.00 per month, and yes, as I’ve explained above – the package requires a Telkom Line and not a prepaid one. Get a HostKing ADSL for a fast reliable connection.

The ADSL works with all DSL Services (Capped and uncapped) – you can surf the internet and enjoy your Youtube videos and or run your blog or business website at home with a DSL Line from HostKing. There are no hidden costs – what you see is exactly what you get.

The ADSL Line from HostKing is compatible with any other ISP (Internet Service Provider), you will get all the support you need 24/7 and HostKing will deal with Telkom with everything needed necessarily to be able to have an internet connection.

Home Uncapped

Get a 1 Mbps line speed for as little as R59.00 per month, this uncapped ADSL requires a DSL Line and a Modem for a connection. FUP applies (Even though the data is uncapped, there’s still a fair use clause to follow)

This home uncapped ADSL doesn’t require a contract, it provides full speed, you also get free access to a massive number of newsgroups with HostKing’s NNTP Server.

Premium Uncapped

Get a premium Uncapped ADSL from HostKing, from just as little as R175.00 per month. This 1Mbps requires a DSL Line and modem to work. You can Skype or Use video conferencing at an incredible speed.


The lowest Capped ADSL Package is a Free 1GB capped Data, recommended for home use. There are no contracts and has 10 concurrent connections, There’s easy top up as well as monthly data rollover with HostKing.

For more information visit

3. Axxess ADSL

Axxess ADSL offers a range of ADSL Solutions including Capped DSL, DSL Line, DSL Vouchers, Prepaid DSL and Uncapped DSL

With the capped DSL Axxess offers a 3-month data rollover.  You will be able to track your data usage – Capped DSL offers a fixed amount of data every month. The smallest Capped DSL is 20GB and up to 2TB of data.

The DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Line from Axxess offers a line speed of up to 40Mbps, and they offer 24/7 support. DSL line starts from as little as R65 for a 1 Mbps and up to R555 for a 40Mbps.

Prepaid DSL roll over for 3 years, buy the data you need from as little as R37 for 3GB, and you are good to go.

Uncapped DSL gives you the freedom to use the internet as you wish without fear of running out of bundles. From as little as R154 per month you can surely enjoy your favorite Youtube videos, or Viu videos.

Axxess also offers Premium uncapped and Premium Plus uncapped ADSL, for more information visit or call 0861 300 900

4. Vox ADSL

Fat Pipe Business ADSL

If you are running a small business or perhaps a medium business, Fat Pipe Business ADSL is the right package for you. You will get the connectivity you need for your business. Yes, the connection is reliable, and the speed is fast enough to run a business. Vox will ensure you are always connected with a premium DSL service thus ensuring growth for your business.

You can choose from 12 to 24 months – and pay your package on a monthly basis. Your Fat Pipe Data will be able to roll over to a maximum of 600GB. With such a service from Vox, you get a free managed ADSL router. You won’t have to configure any setting, Vox got this.

You will be provided with 5 static IP address, you can use these IP addresses for Internet, email, web server, VPN, etc.

Fat Pipe Business ADSL 100GB – R599 per month (Talk to Vox)

Fat Pipe Business ADSL 200GB – R999 per month (Have them call you)

Fat Pipe Business ADSL 1TB – R3499 per month (Let Vox be in touch with you)


Get a capped or uncapped ADSL form MWEB in South Africa. Get a voiceline; an ADSL package and router to have MWEB connect you to the internet.

A 200GB capped ADSL from MWEB cost as little as R219 per month and it includes the free uncapped night time data. The uncapped 4Mbps speed is also paid R219.00 per month and the ADSL Line is excluded. Get MWEB’s 200GB ADSL Package for R219 – and it is DSL Line dependent (ADSL line excluded)

The 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL starts from as little as R99 per month or get a 150GB data which is DSL line dependent when it comes to speed at only R165 per month.

The 8Mbps uncapped ADSL is paid R259 per month and ADSL Line is excluded. Or get a massive 10Mbps uncapped ADSL from MWEB for only R299 per month (ADSL LINE EXCLUDED)

Visit MWEB ADSL for more information

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