African Bank Debit, Credit, Loans Payment Options

Paying your loan and credit at African Bank
Paying Bills, image:
Paying your loan and credit at African Bank
Paying Bills, image:

At the end of the day, or month… we have obligations to oblige to. If you are bind by an obligation, you need to follow through with it. You need to keep your credit and accounts clean. You need an improving credit score, thus paying your debts on time is a great option for you.


With African Bank you can make payments in a number of different ways, namely:

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  • Visa or MasterCard Payment
  • Branch Payment
  • Debit Order
  • Online
  • In-Store Payment
  • EFT


Don’t be led astray by your thoughts in keeping your account healthy – make your payments via Visa or MasterCard at the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t get any easier – it gets better.

You can visit the Branch – your nearest African Bank Branch to pay for your debits, credit and all obligations due, cash payments are also accepted at some of the branches – (Find out which one by calling the helpline or visiting any branch)

To reduce arrears on your account is best to set up a debit order that best work for you, and suits the time and date of the monthly debits.

You can dial *120*225# to make payments, or use your unique EasyPay or Pay@ reference number is found on your statement to make a payment at Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay, PEP, Boxer, Woolworths for EasyPay and Ackermans, Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay, USave for Pay@.

If this all too much, you can transfer the payment electronically. 


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