African Bank offers a black credit card to support your lifestyle


These days you can easily access the world online as with any bank. The African Bank allows you to apply for a black credit card easily online or using your mobile device. The credit card can earn you up to 3% interest on a positive balance, and thus it is important to keep your credit card loaded to benefit from this.

If you settle your account on time you will pay no interest for 60 days. You can use your credit card at any store and swipe for free country-wide. You also can shop online using the African Bank Visa Credit Card in the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, you can also register for free transactions and services. You can settle your account by paying online, setting up a debit order, paying using the EFT, EasyPay, or Pay@ services. You will have to visit the nearest branch to get your personalized and Embossed card.

Features and Benefits

  1. Your card is issued instantly (This is done at the branch nationwide)
  2. Up to 60 days interest-free credit on POS purchases only when you settle your account by the due date.
  3. Updates on transactions are free via SMS
  4. You can use your card to shop without having to carry large sums of cash on you
  5. Accepted at any store with a VISA logo country-wide
  6. The card offers Global Emergency Assistance, should you lose your card in any way, the bank will help you block your account and send a replacement and provide you with emergency cash, should be stranded.
  7. The card offers Travel Assistance, free access to medical and legal advice for Visa cardholders. (For more information on this please call +44 (0) 208 762 8373)
  8. The card offers credit life insurance for up to R4 000 per day at any ATM and up to R5 000 per day at till points

Documents needed to apply

To successfully apply for the African Bank Black Credit Card, you will have to provide the following documents:

⦁ The latest proof of income
⦁ Proof of residence that’s not older than 3 months
⦁ You will have to be over 18
⦁ Latest three months statement, clearly reflecting your three salary deposits

Credit Life Insurance

The credit life insurance that’s offered by the Visa card will settle your debt in the unfortunate event of death, retrenchment, disability, compulsory unpaid leave, or temporary lay-off.

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