African Bank Gold Credit Card

African Bank Gold Credit Card
African Bank Gold Credit Card, image: African Bank
African Bank Gold Credit Card
African Bank Gold Credit Card, image: African Bank

I guess the rhetorical question I would ask is, Why not! Banking improves on a daily basis, and if I must give props to African Bank, I will and I should. You can get your hands on the African Bank’s Gold Credit Card and bank anywhere, whether it’s online behind your desktop or on your phone.

African bank gives you more than you can ever ask for with 3% interest per year when your balance stays positive. The quicker your payments the more reward for you thus you need to settle your Credit Card in full on time, by doing so – you won’t pay any interest.

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It will cost you R0.00 to swipe at any till point, and you can shop online with your African Bank Visa Credit Card anywhere, anytime.

How to make Credit Card repayments

When it comes to making repayments for your Gold Credit Card with African Bank, you are given a number of options, and you can use any one of them that’s most convenient to you.

Some of the options include:

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The African Bank Gold Credit Card comes with a number of features and benefits that will definitely give you a reason to Bank with African Bank.

When you apply for the Gold Credit Card, should you qualify – your card will be issued instantly at any branch. You will get 60 days interest-free credit on purchases made via POS (This can only happen when you settle your credit card balance within or by due date)

You will not be charged for SMS updates and there’s no need to be carrying cash around when you can swipe at tills for FREE. When you see a VISA sign at any merchants, you can use the African Bank Gold Credit Card with ease.

Lost Cards are blocked and replaced immediately and emergency cash is provided if needed. You get free access to medical and legal advice when you are a VISA Gold cardholder.

The number to dial for Travel Assist is +44 (0) 208 762 8373. African Bank offers Credit Life Insurance for the credit card for unforeseen life circumstances.

You are given an opportunity to register for online banking in order to enjoy free online transactions, thus it is advisable to register for Connect Online with African Bank. With Connect Online, you can view available balance, settle credit card, get statements, settle quotes, get tax certificate, stop a card or reactivate it, change and view limits.

[ht_message mstyle=”alert” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]After 4 months, you get to qualify for new limits only with the African Bank Gold Credit Card. You can do so by visiting the nearest branch or calling 0860 333 004.[/ht_message]

Just like with any application process African bank will need the following to qualify for the Gold Credit Card:

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  • Proof of incoming (3 months latest salary deposits)
  • Proof of residence
  • Latest 3 month Bank Statement
  • Must be 18 years or older


The African Bank Gold Credit Card has a monthly fee of R69.00 and funds transfers are charged at R5.55 (In the event that you lose your card, the replacement card will be charged at R115), SMSs and statements reprints are FREE.

POS (Point of sale) at tills are free and the Cashback is charged at R7.50 – Deposits are charged at R5.75 + 1.3% for deposits above R250.

ATM fees for balance inquiry you will be charged R5.75 and R11.50 for withdrawals + 1.5% for withdrawals above R100 – Should your transaction be declined a charge of R5.75 will occur.

International POS purchase transactions are charged at R5.75 and R5.75 for ATM balance inquiry, with a R23.00 charge fee for ATM Cash Withdrawals plus 1.5% of the transaction value.

[ht_message mstyle=”danger” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ](It is important to note that all fees include a 15% VAT)[/ht_message]

African Bank will not leave you or your family stranded in unfortunate events that unforeseen circumstances knock at your door, anything that can prevent you from making usual repayments, African Bank got you covered with Credit Life Insurance.

Your outstanding loans can either be settled as per agreement or pay installments as per credit agreement, should you encounter a permanent disability, temporary disability, unpaid leave, retrenchment or God Forbid, death even temporary lay-off

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