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All Life Insurance Cover, image: Centriq, All Life Logo

“Are you living with HIV?”

All Life Cover
All Life Insurance Cover, image: Centriq,
All Life Logo

You should see how many people are still afraid of disclosing their status because of the HIV stigma and not only that, a massive number of young people are afraid of getting tested. Being HIV positive doesn’t necessarily mean the end, in fact, it’s the beginning of a new life, and new approach and everything else remains as is – a young man once said he was diagnosed and not sentenced. Living an HIV positive life openly is encouraged.

People living with HIV can get life insurance of up to R10 Million with All Life. All Life offers low premiums starting at less than R5 per day. There are no waiting periods, your cover lasts you for the rest of your life.  Your cover starts immediately when you pay your first premium. The younger, the better and the cheaper the premiums are. When you are already older, it’s still highly advisable to get life insurance – even when your premium will be a bit higher than that of a younger person.

All Life was the first company in the world to offer life insurance to HIV-positive people in 2005. With just a phone call, you will be covered instantly. You can choose from a comprehensive HIV Life Insurance and optionally an HIV Disability Cover. All Life will provide you with the right coverage that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

All Life cares for your health, and thus you will get a team that will help you stay healthy.

Why get this HIV Life Insurance

First of all, it is an Insurance that’s especially dedicated to HIV positive individuals since 2005 and it was the first company to do so, and thus you will be in very good hands. Now, you need to think way beyond yourself – think about your children’s future if you have any, thin of your family and how will they cope without your presence. Your family shouldn’t be left stress behind with your debts, and the stress of funeral arrangements.

Those that you love, as heartbroken as they will be during an unfortunate event of death, but they will be able to continue with their standard of living because you shall have left them a gift of life with the All Life HIV Insurance.

All Life offers a Health Monitoring Programme that will help you by reminding you of important check-ups, test and how to live a healthier life. Some people might go on to say, they don’t want to be constantly reminded of their HI-status, it’s for a good course and keep you in check with your health to stay alive for your family so you can continue with what life has to offer you.

There is no waiting period, you are covered the time you pay your first premium – You are covered for accidental and/or health-related death. You can also qualify for home and or a business loan when you use All Life products.

In the Video, Attie t took an HIV Life Insurance for his nephew just after he was diagnosed with HIV+. The premiums were less than R250 per month and paid out R200 000 in terms of the policy when his nephew passed.

How to get covered

There some products which are not available online, for more information, contact All life on 0861 25 55 43. You can apply for the HIV life cover as well as the disability cover products online.

  • You must be a South Africa
  • You must have a valid Bank account to complete your application online
  • Apply Online, or call customer care on 0861 555 559.

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