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Getting a secondary card from American Express has been made easier. To apply for a supplementary card, you need a qualifying account. Personal Cards offered by American Express entitles you to at least 1 supplementary card.

What is a Supplementary Card?

A Supplementary card is a secondary card that can be created for your partner, spouse, family and/or friends.  It is a duplicate card that lets you share the benefits that come with the qualifying card type.

Get a Supplementary Card

ImageCard Type and NameDescriptionSupplementary CardsMore Information
American Express Platinum Card
American Express Platinum Card, Credit: American Express®
The Platinum Card ®Supplementary Cardmembers will also share many of the Platinum Benefits including Travel Insurance and concierge1 Platinum Card

1 Business Card

4 Gold Cards.

Read More
American Express Gold Card
American Express Gold Card, Credit: American Express®
American Express Gold Card ®Spend more R3 500pm or more on your Gold Card and automatically qualify for a monthly complimentary lifestyle reward voucherFree Supplementary Gold CardsRead More
American Express Platinum Credit Card
American Express Platinum Credit Card, Credit: American Express®
The Platinum Credit Card ®Up to 8 complementary Bidvest Premier Club domestic lounge visits in SAFree Supplementary Platinum Credit CardsRead More
American Express Gold Credit Card
American Express Gold Credit Card, Credit: American Express®
American Express Gold Credit Card ®Get Lifestyle Rewards, Lounge Access, Membership Rewards, Preferred Gold, etc.Free Supplementary Gold Credit CardsRead More
American Blue Express Credit Card
American Blue Express Credit Card, image: American Express®
American Express Credit CardEasy payback installments when making large purchasesFree Supplementary  American Express Credit CardsRead More

Getting a complimentary card is as simple as opening an account with American Express through Nedbank in South Africa. South Africans can contact Nedbank on 0860 555 111 on any queries about American Express’s Platinum, Gold and Credit Cards.

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American Express Platinum Card

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The American Express Business Gold Card

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