Automated calls used as a tool for Marketing is ridiculous


I am certain that everyday no matter the day, there are tons of South Africans who receive automated marketing calls. Does it work? How is it that it is still happening? As for me, when I receive the automated marketing call, I won’t have time to listen to the automated message telling me to press buttons on my phone.

iBusiness deems this as ridiculous because we are not robots, we need to talk to someone on the other side of the line. But, I must say, it seems their strategy in marketing works, otherwise it would’ve stopped by now. Plus you send out thousands of automated calls, and those interested in your product will stick and listen throughout the whole automated call.

Now I haven’t had the time to press the buttons they ask me to until they probably redirect you to a consultant.

It is frustrating especially when you have been applying for a job and now these calls come and ruin your hopes.


It is better to have someone call you on the other side of the line be it that I will accept their product or not.

South Africa has evolved in marketing over the years to the point that some marketing tools have become rediculous. I feel we are slowly being replaced by robots and automated systems.

Imagine the world 20 years from now, there will be fewer people working and everything will be automated.


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