BusinessTech is the largest business publication in South Africa


The numbers speak for themselves and prove enough that BusinessTech is the largest business publication website in South Africa reaching 8 million readers a month.

The Business news website caters vital information to managers, business owners, executives, CEOs, and directors.

BusinessTech’s audience consists of 1.5 million mangers, 860,000 executives, 900,000 business owners, and 118,000 CEOs and directors.

What makes BUSINESSTECH special


Reliable business news, and coverage of latest topics in every spectrum of the business sector building up a ‘loyal readership of C-level executives, business owners, and professionals,’

BusinessTech grew from 3 million readers in May 2019 to over 8 million readers in May 2020. The business news website saw a huge spike in traffic due to South Africans needing COVID-19 updates on a daily basis as well as business owners seeking online business news, trusting the website with reliable information.

Gareth Vorster, the BusinessTech editor, wants readers to remain up to date with up-to-the-minute business news coverage.

“We will always ensure that our readers remain up to date with the latest news as they navigate through an ever-changing business environment,” said Vorster [see]

iBusiness is inspired by both BusinessTech and Mybroadband

South African COVID-19 Information Portal

iBusiness on COVID-19
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