Capitec Credit Insurance

Capitec Credit Insurance
Credit Gold Card,

Protect your Credit with Capitec Credit Insurance. If you take a loan term of up to 7 months and longer, you qualify for a Credit Insurance.

Capitec Credit Insurance is underwritten by GUARDRISK

You will be covered for death, unemployment, involuntary retrenchment, permanent disability, temporary disability. You can create your own policy with Capitec’s Credit Insurance. Capitec thrives in meeting the needs of a customer.

If you want to protect your credit, there will be no paperwork required and the Insurance contract is available immediately.


This kind of Insurance with Capitec is available to people under the age of 66.

What is the purpose of Capitec Credit Insurance?

The purpose of a Capitec Credit Insurance is to pay off your debt in a case that you are unable to make payments. In a case of death, your full outstanding amount will be paid off as with the permanent disability. In the case of a temporary disability, you can get a maximum of 12 installments during your recovery. In a case of unemployment and/or retrenchment your full debt amount will be paid off (There is a waiting period of 3 months in regard to retrenchment/loss of a job)

Capitec wants you to understand the terms and conditions of the Credit Insurance, all restrictions, and limitations. If you have been fired as a result of fraud and other willful misconduct – you will not be covered. You will not be covered should you resign or retire. If you get retrenched or lose a job in less than 3 months from the beginning of your cover, you will not be covered.

Voluntary retrenchment is not covered,  If you die or become disabled in a case where you participate in the war-like operation or use of chemical weapons, or nuclear, and any kind of chemicals you will not be covered.

How to Claim?

You must notify Capitec within 12 months by visiting your nearest branch and call 0860 66 77 83 or email alternatively fax 0860 11 11 52 after your claim has been processed Capitec will notify you via SMS of the outcome.

The documents needed are:

  • In a case of unemployment or job loss, Capitec will need from you, to fill a retrenchment Cover Assessment form, retrenchment letter; certification of service, your ID copy, latest payslip, and UIF UI19 form may be required. (If you were not retrenched or lost a job within 3 months of your cover)
  • In a case of disability of any kind prevent you from making payments, Capitec will need from you to attach an employer declaration form completed by your employer. You will also have to fill the Employee declaration form, and a copy of the employer issued job description, A specialist is required to fill in a confidential medical report form, Capitec will need copies of diagnostic test results, and all available medical reports, ID Copy, last payslip, all your leave record within 2 years preceding your date of disability.
  • In a case of death, Capitec will need a copy of the deceased’s ID and a death certificate.

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