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Capitec Bank

Capitec Fixed-Term Savings Account

Capitec Fixed-Term Savings Account
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Invest your money with a bank that urges you to bank better and live better. You are in good hands with a Capitec Fixed-Term Saving Account.  You can invest up to R20 million with a Fixed-Term Savings Account.

Investments are quite very important – for as long as we are alive, we are going to need money – it is such a peace of mind knowing that you have money saved, even when problems knocks at your door you know, that financially you’ll be covered if money is needed.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to saving and investing your money. You can choose to invest with Capitec with the fixed term account from 6 to 60 months.

You will only have to make a single deposit and the minimum deposit that you can make is R10 000. You can earn up to 8.65% nominal interest.

You can choose to reinvest your interest or have it deposited into your savings account; you get fixed rates throughout the term. Your money will be available for use in maturity date and there are no monthly fees.

Capitec Interest Rates

Here’s a table of Capitec Interest Rates

Term (Months)R10 000

– R24 999

R25 000

– R99 999

R100 000+
7 – 97.05%7.28%7.20%7.44%7.30%7.55%
10 – 127.25%7.50%7.80%8.08%7.85%8.14%
13 – 187.30%7.55%7.90%8.19%7.95%8.25%
19 – 247.40%7.66%7.95%8.25%8.05%8.35%
25 – 367.65%7.92%8.00%8.30%8.10%8.41%
37 – 487.80%8.08%8.10%8.41%8.15%8.46%
49 – 608.00%8.30%8.55%8.89%8.65%9.00%

For more information, visit www.capitecbank.co.za 

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