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Having an investment account is very important, whether it’s a short term investment or a long term investment – have some savings somewhere, it’s the only way of life. Don’t be pessimistic about your finances or the what if’s – it’s just money, it can and will help you during rainy days. I use to tell my friends that when I save money for rainy days, it literally rains the following day, yes, pun intended, on a serious note, I believe Capitec Flexible Savings Account is your best solution when you want to invest your money.

With this account, you will be able to choose the deposit amount and how often you will be making a deposit into your flexible savings account.

You can earn up to 4.75% interest each year on daily balances, you can create a name for your Global One Flexible Savings Account.

You can access your account at any time. There will be o monthly fees, and you don’t need a minimum balance on your account.

How to create a flexible savings account using Capitec App

  • Open the Capitec App on your phone, when it is launched successfully, you will see a full menu (Transact, Save, Credit, Cards, Budget, Insure)
  • Tap on “SAVE
  • After tapping on “SAVE” the application will attempt to log you in and asks for your login credential, you will have to enter the Remote Pin in order to sign in (This is the pin your Mobile App that you created at the branch when activating your Mobile App)
  • From this point you will be viewing your accounts – down below, you can tap on “Add Flexible Savings
  • Follow the steps and create the account.

You can convert your flexible savings account into a fixed flexible savings account.

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