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Don’t you ever get tired of queuing? I know I do – that’s why there’s the power of the internet and ways of banking have changed at a high rate, and now then the technology gets even better, all this for our convenience.

Why not do all your banking need at home, where you safe and sound? You should be doing all your banking behind your desktop or laptop – you don’t have you visit the branch for things like printing a statement, or getting your stamped account details – No, you do all this at home.

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With your Capitec Internet Banking, you can transfer money between your multiple accounts. You can even make instant payments to your friends, and any account even when it’s of a different bank at a small fee.

You can purchase your prepaid bundles, including electricity (In case you lose the token, you can view the last purchased token) – you can add beneficiaries, stop orders, and even make credit facility transfers.

There’s a lot you can do with online banking with Capitec, including stopping lost card or when stolen at an instant. You will be able to change your daily card limits. You can download your bank statements; you can download tax interest certificates.

You can do more than viewing your transaction and payment history; you can also activate your SMS Update settings and be able to make amendments.

Bank online safely at home, ensure your computer is clean from viruses, and never click on emails claiming to be from the bank, the bank will never ask for your PIN. Always keep it as a secret.

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