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Capitec SA Home Loans

Capitec SA Home Loans
SA Home Loans, image: sahomeloans.com

Capitec loans by SA Home Loans offer home loans of up to R5 Million to reply a period of 240 months. If you need a home loan you can get it from Capitec Bank by just applying online using the simplest application process.

With Capitec’s SA Home Loans you will get up to 100% home value when you take the time to apply online, or up to 90% at the branch.

Your loan will be based on your credit score, profile, and affordability, as part of the process during your application, you will be contacted by a consultant within 2 business days, and however, the application may be approved within 5 business days when all documents have been approved.

Government Employees get special offers when qualified for a home loan.

How to Apply

When you have thought it through, you can apply for your home loan online or by visiting selected Capitec branches (Gauteng and Selected KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape Branches)

  • You need to be in person for confirmation,
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • Anyone under debt counseling will not qualify by default.

When Applying for SA Home Loans when you were contacted within 2 days, there are important documents and some to fill for a successful process.

Such documents include:

  • A signed offer
  • ID Copy (and of any partner if any)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate, and if necessary the antenuptial contract as well
  • 3-month payslip
  • A stamped bank statement displaying 3 salary deposits

Things to Remember:

  • You must be 18 and less than 61 years of age to qualify and not under debt counseling
  • You can get up to R5 Million based on your credit profile and affordability
  • Make a checklist of documents needed
  • Anyone can qualify for Capitec Home Loan even if you don’t bank with them
  • Switch your home loan to SA Home Loan anytime
  • 30% of your gross salary can go towards your home loan

Visit www.capitecbank.co.za for more information

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