CCMA online platform launched


The Commission of Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) launched an online platform for referral and processing of applications.

CCMA has introduced a free digital platform for CCMA Users to refer conciliation and arbitration disputes and make enforcement and/or condonation applications.‘ said CCMA in a statement

The platform has been accessible from 8 June through the CCMA CMSONLINE, and considering the current pandemic, this is the safest wat to make use of CCMA services.

Applications and forms available on the digital platform
  • The LRA Form 7.11 (This form is used to refer disputes)
  • The LRA Form 7.13 (If the parties have an unresolved dispute, this form is used to request an arbitration process)
  • The LRA Form 7.18 (This form is only used to have an arbitration award that has not been complied with by the employer, certified. This form also includes an instruction to the Sheriff of the Court to enforce the award as if it were an order of the Magistrates Court)
  • The Condonation application form is also available for late referral of alleged unfair dismissal – for employees who have been dismissed and who have not met the prescribed time period (30 days from date of dismissal or from the date of the outcome of the appeal) within which the matter must be referred to the CCMA.
  • Condonation application form for late referral of an alleged unfair labour practice or alleged unfair discrimination dispute – for employees who claim to have been subject to an unfair labour practice and who have not met the prescribed time period to refer an alleged unfair labour practice dispute (a referral that is lodged after the 90-day referral period) or alleged act of unfair discrimination (a referral that is lodged after the 6 months’ referral period).


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