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Celebrating Father’s Day in South Africa on Sunday

Father’s Day is a day when all fathers are celebrated worldwide, many have said the phrase, and even became lyrics of many songs that ‘Any man can make a baby/child, however, it takes a real man to be a father‘. Any man who plays a father figure in a child’s life deserves to be celebrated.

Father’s Day is not a public holiday in South Africa but is a day that can be observed. This day comes in various days and dates in June – but in most countries, the day is celebrated on a 3rd blessed Sunday of the month of June.

The fatherhood and male parenting celebrated throughout this day can and should involve lots and lots of gifts.

Father’s Day YearDayDateNameHoliday Type
2020Sun21 JunFather’s DayObservance
2021Sun20 JunFather’s DayObservance
2022Sun19 JunFather’s DayObservance
2023Sun18 JunFather’s DayObservance
2024Sun16 JunFather’s DayObservance
2025Sun15 JunFather’s DayObservance

Many South Africans celebrate father’s and I am mostly touched by daughters and sons who go an extra mile for their fathers.

You can buy the best gifts online safely for your father. iBusiness is currently affiliated with Mentality Store, and – we have suggested a few presents for your father, such as ‘Gadgets and Gifts for Men‘ and ‘Shaving Products for Men‘.

Gadgets and Gifts for Dads

Dads are men, and men love gadgets and a little more that goes a long way – you can purchase great stuff from Man Stand Organiser & Charging Station, Rocking Whiskey Glasses, Steel Drink Chiller Cubes Set (8pcs) with Tongs, all these each at less than R1,000.00 on Mentality.

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You can also go big by purchasing a KettleCaddy Braai Pizza Oven with Pizza Stone & Paddle at less than R3,000.00

Shaving Products for Dads

To thoroughly and successfully have your dad dancing all-day get him a Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream & Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor Kit from Mentality at less than R1,100.00.

Remember, it’s a thought that counts hence the size or value of a present shouldn’t matter. But go big anyway.

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