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Cell C blocks all illegal and VPN sites affecting paying customers (The HTTP Injector Talk)

Many Cell C users have been using VPN connections to connect to the internet for free. Many users have taken to the Cell C Facebook  Page to ‘complain’ about the ‘unfair’ blockage of VPNs.

One of the users wrote ‘Sorry for slowing down your connections for paying customers but you should consider the poor and non-working class in South Africa they survived because of you’ to which Cell C responded with:

‘All illegal sites have been blocked as they cause overloading on our sites which affect paying customers.’ – Cell c

One of the other VPN users complained in saying ‘Guys why are you blocking your Sims from using a free network(VPN) it seems like you don’t care about your clients… I’m porting to another network’ and responded with the same messages stating the ban on illegal sites.

Cell C pointed out that they will under no condition accept people to abuse their infrastructure. It may have been fun and games but not anymore – ALL THE VPNs and illegal ways to connect the internet for free have been banned.

Soon many other networks (MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom) will follow. The use of .ehi files has become very popular in South Africa with thousands of individuals using the HTTP Injector app used for VPNs and manipulating networks.

Currently, there are several Telegram messaging channels used to exchange HTTP Injector files to obtain free mobile internet access. We’ve seen the spike in South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, and many other Latin American countries are using the same channels. HTTP Injectors are used to connect to an SSH/Proxy, and many infrastructures have been compromised.

Is Using HTTP Injector files Dangerous?

Yes, cybercriminals may be sharing HTTP Injector files to mask their illegal activities blinded by the free use of the internet.

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Gordy003 6 July 2020 at 3:57 pm

Are you sure we can’t get new host and files, because theres no such thing as we will never be able to get free data because we will find it and mark my words oneday you guys won’t even stop us from getting free internet and remember we are getting smarter every year and You guys can track me, you will never find me, you guys think you so smart to send messages on internet to make us afraid but we not afraid. Mark my words we will find a new way to get free internet.



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