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Cell C Free MegaData

This works with a streaming service known as BLACK. This Prepaid offer is best suitable for people who have black.co.za accounts. Whenever you recharge with R50 or more you get a free 50MB of Black data for streaming. You get 3x value of free data and 50MB for black streaming service. Free MegaData can be used to browse the internet and connects you to social networks and access iBusiness.co.za easily.

You will able to stay up to date with whatever is trending on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

How to change to MegaData.

Dial *108# to change to MegaData today!

Here are the deals

R 50=R 50+150 MB3 days+50 MB180 Days
R 60=R 60+180 MB50 MB180 Days
R 70=R 70+210 MB50 MB180 Days
R 100=R 100+300 MB50 MB180 Days
R 120=R 120+360 MB5 days50 MB180 Days
R 150=R 150+450 MB50 MB180 Days
R 200=R 200+600 MB50 MB180 Days
R 300=R 300+900 MB50 MB180 Days
R 500=R 500+1.5 GB50 MB180 Days
R 1000=R 1000+3 GB50 MB180 Days
Variable/Flexi recharges of R50 and above will also receive MegaData and Free black data benefits. MegaData is awarded according to this recharge amount and Free black data is fixed at 50MB for all recharges of R50 or more.

The FREE MegaData is valid for 3 days from the date of recharge for recharges between R50 and R100 and 5 days for recharges of R101 and above. The FREE black data is valid for 180 days from the date of qualifying recharge.

What happens to my existing SUPACHARGE/MegaBonus or Bonus Airtime benefits?

On migration to the Easy Chat tariff plan, you will forfeit all available SUPACHARGE/ MegaBonus or Bonus Airtime benefits on your account. You will be notified of this before the migration process. They will start benefiting from the MegaData offer when they perform a recharge of R50 or more.

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