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Clientele Life Insurance
Clientele Life Insurance, image modified clientele logo
Clientele Life Insurance
Clientele Life Insurance, image modified clientele logo

The wheel of life keeps turning even through difficult times no matter who you are around the globe. A whole lot of families are burdened tremendously trying to make ends meet after a loss of a breadwinner who couldn’t take a life cover. Losing a family member is a tragedy – you don’t want to live your family pained and having money-related stress/issues because you couldn’t live them a gift of life behind. Life insurance is literally the only insurance that’s of most importance – because it’s more than just a funeral cover, it gives you a peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of when you are gone.

The grieving process is the only difficult occurrence that should be enough; don’t overburden your family with your bills, unplanned circumstances, lack of income, relying on donations for your burial, etc.

Clientele Life Cover Plans

Clientele Life Insurance offers four products that you can choose from. The Life Cover Plans includes the Standard plan, Ultimate Life Plan, Premium Plan as well as the Accidental Death Plan. You can choose a product that’s best suited for your needs from as little as R210 per month; you can be assured that your family will be provided for.

Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan

The Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan is a standard life cover exclusively offered by clientele. This is the number one product that most South Africans opt for – however, each plan is designed to suit your financial situation. In the case of death, your family will be in good hands.

  • The cover starts from R266 per month, and it pays between R20 000 and R200 000.
  • In this cover, and according to the policy – it will pay out the first R10 000 within 24 hours, this money can be used for funeral arrangements.
  • As it is named the ‘cashback plan’, you can be reassured you’ll get cash back for every 60 premiums paid (Every 5 years)
  • Clientele won’t ask for a medical examination for this cover, and you are covered for Accidental Death.
  • Should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness, you will get a 75% cash advance.

Ultimate Life Plan

This is a great plan if you don’t have a retirement plan – the clientele’s Ultimate Life plan will ensure you get 50% of your premiums back in cash at the age of 65. You can use the money to ease the pressure of lack of income. The other 50% will be received by your chosen beneficiaries in the case of death. You may only apply for this cover before the age of 50.

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  • The Ultimate Life Cover starts from R319 per month and it pays up to R200 000.
  • Clientele pays the first R20 000 within 24 hours when you claim.
  • You get an optional cashback option for every 60 premiums paid.
  • The ultimate Life Plan comes with an Optional Accidental Death Benefit
  • In a case where an insured person is terminally ill, Clientele will payout 75% cash advance.


Premium Life Plan

The Clientele’s Premium Life Plan is an affordable life cover that only starts at a low R250 per month and pays up to a massive R10 million. The premiums paid are dependent on your risk profile. There is no paperwork or a full medical examination required, however, Clientele will send a nurse to you for 1 simple HIV test.

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You get cashback every 60 paid premiums and optionally you can add a Disability cover for up to 5 million and another optional critical illness cover for up to R3 million.

The Accidental Death Plan

The accidental Death Plan cover is included in all the plans; however, you may decide to take it as a standalone product. From R210 per month, you will be covered for death due to an accident, and it pays out up to R100 000. Accidental Death Plan comes with a range of other plans to cover you and your family.

How to claim

A beneficiary is required to lodge a claim in a case of death.

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  • Contact the Clientele call center on 011 320 3000
  • Or you can fill in a call back form on the right side of the clientele’s Life Claims Page
  • Or you may email
  • Alternatively, visit the Clientele Head Office: Clientèle Office Park, Cnr. Alon and Rivonia Road, Rivonia, Johannesburg.


What is required

To successfully launch a claim, you will have to provide clientele with the following:

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  • The Policy Number of the deceased member
  • Claimant’s fax or e-mail address
  • Date and cause of death


Additional information that will be required in a case where the cause of death was a dread disease is:

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  • Name of the insured person
  • Type of the dead disease diagnosed (cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, renal failure or need an organ transplant)


Clientele’s Long-term insurance policies are underwritten and administered by Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited, an authorized financial services provider and registered insurer, for more information or a quote visit the Clientele’s Life Cover Plans Page.

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