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Confirmed COVID-19 cases nearing 30 000 with 34 more deaths in South Africa

South African coronavirus stats are on a spike with now cases nearing 30 000, standing now at 29,240 as of Friday, 29 May 2020 confirmed by the Health Minister Zweli Mkhize in a statement.

South Africa currently has 611 deaths. There are 680175 tests conducts so far and 15093 recoveries.

Gauteng has 3583 confirmed cases and 31 deaths with 2019 recoveries. North West Province is now standing at 143 cases, 1 death, and 45 recoveries. Eastern Cape has the same number of confirmed cases as with Gauteng, but the number of deaths in EC stands at 80 with 1700 recoveries.

The most concerning numbers of cases are found in the epicenter of the Western Cape province with 18 806 cases, 437 deaths, and 9830 recoveries. KZN has 2428 cases, 500 deaths, and 1180 recoveries.

There 32 cases unallocated for. The province with the lowest number of cases in Northern Cape with only 52 confirmed cases, 31 recoveries, and 1 unfortunate death in the province due to COVID-19.

Mpumalanga is the second province with the lowest number of cases and it is the only province with no recorded deaths due to coronavirus. MP has 112 confirmed cases and 67 recoveries. Free State stands at 231 cases, 8 deaths, and 124 recoveries.

Limpopo province has 3 deaths with 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 97 recovers.

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