COVID-19 SRD Grant appeal status on ‘meanstest’ meaning


When accessing your SRD portal to check for your SRD status, you may find out that your status is on “Meanstest”, and a lot of applicants have no idea what it means.

What does it mean if your COVID-19 SRD Grant appeal status is on ‘meanstest’?

If your COVID-19 SRD Grant appeal status is on Meanstest it means the following:

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  • It is a process where any funds flowing into the account of an applicant whose application was declined after consideration, are tested against the criteria.
  • SASSA will thus consider whether any funds flowed into the account of the client during the previous month or not.
  • Should there be no funds, the application will be approved and paid.
  • However, should there be funds in the bank account, the application will remain declined.

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  1. so how long does it take for a means test? because I know for a fact that there no money flowing into my sons bank account due to any irp5, uif. Sassa needs to be held accountable for all misinformation relating to applicants.

  2. I’m not receiving my 350 grant since i apply for it last year march 2020 up until today nothing happening when i check my status says decline, the reason irp5 registered, i don’t know why because I’m not working and things are tough, so can you plz sort this thing for me so that i can receive my grant like other South African unemployment people
    It’s panic now cz there’s no jobs all over


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