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Create your own website with a Website Builder
Website Builde, image:
Create your own website with a Website Builder
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Create your own website easily using a free website builder offered by a number of hosting companies. It’s quite simple to launch a website in just an hour. Website builders give you the power to create your own website without the coding knowledge. All you do is drag and drop in selecting the features you want in your website.

If you want to create a blog you may want to consider using a WordPress. The WordPress interface gives you unlimited possibilities, with such incredible features to completely run a website without having to worry about website vulnerabilities.

I believe every company has to have a website – however, depending on the nature of your business, potential clients are always online, having a website can draw visitors into your business. The only number one objective of running a business is making money and maintaining your business. Yes, have a website, be professional – You are not really forced to own a website but it’s best for the growth of your business and I would also take your business serious.

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In the case of blogging, you can simply use WordPress. It will provide you with everything necessary to successfully launch a website.

WordPress has been used over the years as a platform to create websites. Now, so many hosting companies provide a Website Builder which one of the other solutions when you want to launch a website and it’s easy and quick. Some Hosting Companies provide a demo site builder to test how it works.

Building your site with a Website Builder tool makes life easier. There are no hidden costs, but you may have to pay for extra pages of your website or get an unlimited pages package. Having an online presence gives you the advantage to reach out to potential clients and they are always online looking for your business, you just don’t it yet.

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WordPress and Website Builders have thousands of themes to choose from to best suit your business. You can purchase a premium theme and or customize your website.

9 Website Builders by Hosting Companies

1. Wix Website Builder

What started in 2006 has now become the number one cloud-based development platform. You can create a free professional website from Wix has over 500 templates/themes to choose from and is an easy drag and drop interface.

You can create your website the way you want it by customizing your theme. Your website will be mobile optimized to reach out to an even broader scale. You can upload your fonts and or use over 100 fonts already in the Wix builder platform.

The features also include powerful web applications, scroll effects, basic SEO to be found on Google, Advanced Design features such as animation or video background.

Use Corvid by Wix to create advanced web applications, with features such as Rapid Visual front-end design, unified database management, production-grade runtime, business, and marketing tools as well as IDE and DevOps.

You can create a free or premium domain name at affordable prices. Have a domain name and look professional with a professional mailbox, Analytics and contact management. Wix provides free hosting with SSL and if you want to create a ‘member login’ page to protect your pages, you may do so at a click of a button.

You can also create an eCommerce and choose beautiful storefront with multiple payment methods (You will be able to accept credit cards, PayPal, and or offline payments and its commission-free)

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You will be able to manage your store will a powerful store manager tool as well as creating coupons and discounts. One of the other features includes “Worldwide shipping and tax” where you can customize tax and shipping rules for different countries.

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2. HostGator Website Builder

Yes, it’s a drag and drop and publish kind of a thing, get your professional website up and running with HostGator in just under a day. Your website will be Mobile-friendly and comes with a number of free themes for eCommerce, a Blog, Business, Portfolio, and Technology.

A website builder by HostGator allows you to create a personal, business or an eCommerce website without the coding knowledge. Even when you are a novice user, creating a website has never been this easy. You can create a website with HostGator from as little as $3.84(50% off at the time of publication) per month.

You will get Free Hosting from a Starter Package, Free Domain name, Drag and Drop builder, customized templates, website analytics, 24/7 support, and a free SSL Certificate.

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]You may upgrade when your business grows. Get an array of essential features and grow your business. For more information visit and get a website that best suits your business.[/ht_message]

3. HostAfrica Website Builder

HostAfrica will supply you with all the necessary tools to give you a head start in creating your own website. You will have an abundant number of templates to choose from. Currently, there are about 200 unique templates to choose from. The Templates are all responsive for better user experience.

You can design your website by dragging and dropping while previewing your own customization and see your changes live. Website Builders comes with basic SEO tools to help you reach out to a million people via Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The internet is becoming more secure, every hosting company I know, offer free SSL to secure your website from the start, an SSL Certificate is very important to have in order to secure your users sensitive information, and this gives you a ranking boost. HostAfrica also offers you an option to back up your work or your entire website on your computer.

With a web builder, you can create email account, you can publish your website after making changes, and you can create multiple websites depending on your website builder package.

A website builder comes with a hosting plan as one package, and there will be no need for any additional hosting packages.

HostAfrica comes with 3 different packages. A website Builder Starter for R59 per month, which allows you to create 1 website with 5GB Web traffic, 25 email accounts and 2GB disc space, A website Builder Pro for R99 per month, allows you to create up to 2 websites with unlimited Web traffic, 100 email accounts and 5GB disc space, A website Builder Pro Plus for R199 per month, allows you to create up to 6 websites with unlimited Web traffic, unlimited email accounts and 20GB disc space

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4. HostKing Website Builder

HostKing uses Weebly to help you create the best website for your business. Weebly is very easy to use and has been trusted by 40 million entrepreneurs and most small businesses have used Weebly to create their professional websites.

You can create a store, a business site or a blog, and or a combination of everything you need on your website.

Drag and Drop the features you want, it can be maps, photos, videos, etc. you don’t have to have any kind of programming skills. Everything is been made easier to help you have a functional website within hours.

Your website will be optimized for mobile to reach a broader scale of potential users and clients. You will be able to create contact forms, RSVP lists, surveys and a whole lot more. SEO tools are available at your disposal for higher search engine rank.

You can upgrade your package anytime. From as little as R130.21 per months, you will have a website of your own.

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5. SmartWeb Website Builder

SmartWeb offers a website builder from as little as R95 per month. This package includes 2GB SSD Storage, Unlimited web traffic, up to 10 pages, 5 email accounts and a Free SSL Certificate.

Yes, having an online presence is great when your website is reached out, and with SmartWeb you can with a Free Domain Name when you purchase the SMALL package. You will also get limited plugins to use for your professional business website or a blog.

You can get all plugins including an e-commerce store and up to 30 pages with a MEDIUM package for R195 per month. You also get a 5GB SSD storage, 15 email accounts in addition to features found on the SMALL package.

You can get a LARGE package, which is the ultimate website builder package offered by SmartWeb, with unlimited resources and up to 20GB SSD Storage.

The packages come with SEO tools, Responsive Design, Google Analytics, Import websites feature, etc.

6. GoDaddy Website Builder

Connect with your customers via a blog. I believe a blog is one powerful tool that can help you reach a massive number of potential clients. It helps you connect with your customers – and this builds trust and a strong relationship with your clients.

Let people know about your business via Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and through email marketing. Yes with GoDaddy your site will be optimized for Google, mobile, etc.

Facebook is the number one social network in the world and it is best to take advantage of it – Create a page for your business or use the one you already have to communicate better with your potential customers.

GoDaddy will make sure that your website is found online through website builder, which will automatically review your website for optimization.

[ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]Other features include 24/7 support, PayPal integration, FREE SSL, and website hosting in one package. Create your own online presence today with GoDaddy Website Builder.[/ht_message]

7. AfriHost Website Builder

AfriHost gives a chance to create a website for yourself or have them design it for you with the AfriDesign package. The choice is yours; let’s look at a few features offered by both AfriHost Website Builder and AfriDesign.

Website Builder

Just like any other website builder, you get a full support for your website design, there are a number of different widgets, including but not limited to Audio, Modal, Embed, Tabs, Grid Gallery, Image Hotspot, Slider, Image, Accordion,  Service Box, Slider, Quote, List, Pages, Categories, etc.

It comes with 200+ professional templates to choose from. You can customize your website however you want it.  The Website Builder is only available on Linux Pro Shared hosting package. Upgrades are done within the website builder. It comes with CPanel integration for direct access to the builder. Find out more on AfriHost Website Builder.


AfriHost has a professional team of programmers to help you design the website you need at incredibly affordable prices. With AfriDesign, your website will be created for you and you will get to take all the credit.

AfriDesign will create a professional logo and website design, and do all the SEO needed to boost your rank. You will also get a free domain. Your hosting fees are separate from the design fees.

For 3 Pages you can pay as little as R219 per month and you will go live within 48 hours. To get an unlimited number of pages, you can try the Platinum Package offered at R1039 per month – other top features include Free Setup and Unlimited Web Traffic.

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8. 1-Grid Website Builder

Do it yourself

1-grid gives you an opportunity to create your own website or have them design it for you. You can create a website using a simple drag and drop interface with 1-grid to reach out to your customers.

You will get a 24/7 support, you can increase credibility with an SSL, and make money. You can have your products sold online at any time – target both local and international potential clients.

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1-grid creating a site for you

1-grid can design a website for you if you need one and cannot deal with all the work that comes with it. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, 1-grid promises a professional website and sales boost for your business.

They will ensure you rank higher on Google; you can update your website anytime for an even higher rank. Visit 1-Grid for more information and packages offered.

9. CloudFusion Website Builder

CloudFusion website builder is here to help you develop a professional website like never seen before. In the past creating a website would take months, but things have changed, you can have a functional website within an hour or less than a week.

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