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Dispute a Transaction with Visa

VISA dispute process
VISA dispute process, image: VISA.COM

You have every right to dispute a transaction with Visa when you shop online and there is a problem with your transaction. There are a lot of things that can happen when you shop online – have peace of mind knowing that Visa continues to protect you with yet another layer of protection.

What if it happens that you are billed twice for the same item, or you get counterfeit products or you receive damaged to merchandise or a wrong product of which doesn’t match the description, or you get a defective product, what then?

Here’s how to handle disputes

First, answer the following questions

  • Were you over-billed?
  • Received Damaged and or defective item(s)?
  • Merchandise does not match the item description?
  • Received Counterfeit products?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then do the following:

  • Please consider taking the matter any further, immediately please contact the merchant from which you bought the item.
  • If the merchant can’t resolve your issue, this when you can contact your card issuer
  • Your bank will advise and may set a deadline for a dispute to be resolved a possible 7-working-days period.

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