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In a number of years of computer existence, there have been a number of ways to access pages on the internet, however, these site pages were accessed using IP Addresses and sometimes it was difficult to remember.  Over the years, Domain names were created, these domain names were created to make things easier, and ensuring the IP Address is remember. So you no longer have to memorized IP Addresses, you just have to remember the name because domain names have been assigned to these numbers.

The DNS (domain name system) converts your domain name into IP Addresses for communication of the computers.

When someone visits the website, the browser will use the domain name to locate its corresponding IP address and shows you the website associated with it.

You can get a domain name anytime as there are a lot of Domain ICANN Registrars (ICANN Accredited Registrar) companies in South Africa and around the world. Your domain name is your online presence identity.

A domain tailored to your needs shows professionalism and you will get noticed fast, and your presence online will eventually grow. A domain name can be less than 64 characters long – however the shorter the domain name, the easier to remember it.

With the massive growth of content and domain names online, most domain names have already been taken, and most are for sale but not for a standard price. You can purchase any domain extension; however, some have restrictions, such as .gov, .edu, .mil, etc.

Domain names are renewable on a yearly basis and the cost and renewal fees will depend on the extension (TLD, e.g. .com .org, etc.)

Is my domain name available?

The only way to find out if your domain is registered or available is to enter your domain name in the search box of your hosting company which allows domain registration and run the search. If your name is available, you will immediately be notified of the price of the domain name for the chosen extension.

Your domain name can be the name of your business, or you can incorporate relevant keywords for SEO with relevant content, and you are headed towards success in the long run.  You can protect your information, and so your details will be just a company proxy in the WHOIS directory.

Top-level domain (TLD) extensions

There are a number of Domain extensions that you can choose from. However people still love to use a .com and ccTLDs, some extensions include but not limited to .africa, .capetown, .joburg, .durban, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi,, .co, .net.,, .pw, .wiki, .rest, .ink, .college, .bar, .host, .website, .site,,,,,,,,,, .blog, .site, .guru, .dev, .africa, .tech, .ninja, .tips, .today, .solutions, .bet .club, .work, .cloud, .host, .realestate, .life, .online, .shop, .store, .xyz, .live, .rocks, .me, .biz, .tv,, .cc, .wiki, .loan, .faith, .design, .party, .cricket, .rest, .webcam, .trade, .rest, .fans, .ink, .love, .space, .rent, .cash, .win,, .men, .bz, .stream, .us,, .science, .bar, .pro etc.

Domain Parking

As soon as you find an available domain name for the business – Do not hesitate to register your domain name and have your registrar pack it on their servers for you. You can work on the website offline knowing that your domain name is reserved.

You have the whole year to figure out what to do with your domain (You can also renew it at the end of the term) – Website Hosting is easy when you’ve already have purchased a domain for your ideal business.

Domain Pointing

Domain Pointing is redirecting a URL somewhere else to a different site. It is best when you want your business name to have different TLDs, ensuring that, no matter what extension is used, it will point you to the site already in existence.

You can point your newly purchased domains to any website you want. Most Pointing Packages offer full DNS Control.

Domain Transfers

When you register a domain, it will automatically be locked – this is to avoid unauthorized transfers. However, because you have full control of your domain, you can decide to unlock this feature and make your transfers.

Each domain has a unique transfer code referred to as the EPP Code, EPP key or domain authorization code, it is basically a generated complex code by domain registrar officially known as AuthInfo Code by ICANN; this authorizes the domain registrar to complete the transfer process.

Where can I register my domain?

You have a choice to register your domain name anywhere you want. Your domain name can be hosted elsewhere even when purchased from a different registrar.

It is advisable to host with the same company from which you bought the domain and or have it transferred for extra benefits and for easy domain and hosting management.

15 Domain Registrar companies

1. BlueHost Domain Registration

You can have your domain registered through BlueHost, you will have easy access to your DNS records, and you will have full control of your domain name.

Your domain will have an auto-renewal enabled, and so you won’t have to lose your domain. In this case, you are protecting your domain name from expiring.

You will also be able to lock your domain from unauthorized transfers. You can unlock it anytime when you want to authorize transfers.

For domain registration with BlueHost visit

2. HostGator Domain Registration

With HostGator you are reassured of the safety of your domain from being hijacked – at the same, you can authorize the transfers because you are in full control of your domain name. The domain will auto-renew by default to prevent it from expiring.

You can manage your domain fully, and for registration and more information you can visit

3. GoDaddy Domain Registration

GoDaddy has over 78 Million domains under management and is the world’s largest registrar. You will get a domain set-up, you get real-time domain monitoring, you can create emails, you get full support, and you can build a website at a click of a button when you have purchased a domain from GoDaddy.

Visit for more information

4. AfriHost Domain Registration

AfriHost offers Domain registration, Domain Parking as well as Domain Pointing at affordable Prices. Your domain parking with AfriHost cost only R197* once-off, you get full support and DNS control and you can easily upgrade to a hosting package.

*Domain parking is subject to a recurring annual domain cost

Domain Pointing with AfriHost will cost you R19 PM and this does not include domain registration. Domain Registration with AfriHost starts from R197, you will get live support, email support as well as an online troubleshooter.

You get Full DNS control, for more information visit

5. CloudFusion Domain Registration

Register a Domain with CloudFusion for a small fee, and transfers are free (With selected Hosting Packages). You can get a .com for only R179, with free DNS hosting and Free Domain Parking.

Visit for more information.

6. 1-Grid Domain Registration

You can transfer or register a domain with 1-grid. You will have everything you need on your 1-grid account, simplified for your convenience.

You can manage your domain, and you will have full DNS Control.  Your domain will be monitored in real-time.

For more information and or to register a domain with 1-grid visit

7. SmartWeb Domain Registration

Get a great domain name from SmartWeb from as little as R79. You can have peace of mind knowing your domain is reserved and no one can ever take it away provided that you renew it every year.

You can reserve your chosen domain for up to 5 years. You can create email accounts, and upgrading to a hosting plan is only a click of a button.

Visit for more information.

8. Vox Domain Registration

A once-off domain registration fee secures your domain, and you’ll be required to renew it annually at the same price from which it was initially purchased.  They offer international and local domains, including .com;; .org;; .net; .info etc.

Get a domain name on

9. HostAfrica Domain Registration

Use the HostAfrica search tool to search for a domain name of your choice and have it registered.  You can decide on your ideal business name and the extension you want to use.

Visit for more information

10. Domain Registration

With Wix you can choose a domain name and be able to manage it, Wix offers domain Security, that you can protect your personal information online with private domain registration.  Wix offers free hosting and exceptional support when you need one.

11. Domain Registration offers domain parking if you are not ready to launch your website. You will get Full DNS control no matter where your website is hosted. You get to manage your nameservers, and you get a free monitoring tool. ensures your domain is not blacklisted when searching for a name.

They offer URL forwarding as well as the Social Engagement Tracking tool and Domain Support.

For more information visit

12. SiteGround Domain Registration

Get a domain name that suits your business with SiteGround, – when you find a great name for your website, reserve it with SiteGround also knowing that you get full control of your domain’s DNS, and transfers.

For more information visit

13. EliteHost Domain Registration

Don’t wait any longer when your domain is available, EliteHost can and will protect your domain from being transferred without your knowledge.  There are no hidden fees; you get domain parking, domain pointing, etc.

14. HostKing Domain Registration

Get your domain name ready within minutes, HostKing offers a range of domain extensions to choose from – if a .com is not available but a is for your business name, consider taking it and localize your domain. You can achieve the same massive exposure as with an international TLD.

15. Axxess Domain Registration

Axxess gives you more than you bargained for especially when you decide to take one of their shared hosting plans. You can consider hosting with Axxess with all the benefits that they offer. However, when registering a domain name, you can have your domain name registered under your name in less than a minute.

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