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Capitec Mobile Banking App, image: Twitter

Getting a stamped Capitec bank statement shouldn’t be hard, especially with all the technology and the Capitec App; things have been made even easier.

Here are the simple easy steps to follow when you want to email a bank statement

You don’t have to go to the branch for your statements ever. Not even for your account details and a whole more. You can do your banking at home safe and sound.

  • Open the Capitec App on your phone, when it is launched successfully, you will see a full menu (Transact, Save, Credit, Cards, Budget, Insure)
  • Tap on “SAVE”
  • After tapping on “SAVE” the application will attempt to log you in and asks for your login credential, you will have to enter the Remote Pin in order to sign in (This is the pin your Mobile App that you created at the branch when activating your Mobile App)
  • After you have entered the correct pin, you will be directed to your accounts. If you have multiple accounts, choose the account you want the statement of.
  • When you have successfully entered the Account, choose “Email Statement” – it’s in bold, you’ll just see it at the bottom.
  • When you have selected “email statement” – you will have to select the date range. You can choose the latest month, 3 latest months or however you want your bank statement.
  • This is the easy part, after selecting the date range, all that’s left is to enter your email address.
  • Then click on “Send”…
  • And almost instantly check your emails and get your “Capitec Bank Statement” as PDF for download and printing if you want to – you can use this statement to apply for loans, credit, etc.

Here’s a video illustration

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