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FBS $123 No Deposit Bonus

Open an FBS $123 No Deposit Bonus

FBS $123 No Deposit Bonus
FBS $123 No Deposit Bonus

FBS offers a $123 No Deposit Bonus absolutely free. This type of account is almost the same as the $50 No Deposit Bonus. However, the $50 Bonus Account conditions are easier than with $123 Bonus, if truth be told.

But we all have our own choices, let me not mislead you in any way – my words are just recommendations especially if you are a newbie. This $123 Bonus is most suitable for those who want to kick start a FOREX MARKET journey. No verification and contact details required – once you complete registration, instantly $123 of real money will be waiting for you to start trading.

Now with this account, the Profit is unlimited, unlike with the $50 Bonus with a limitation of $500 profit. $123 Bonus Account, doesn’t hold you back, you can make as much profit as you can.

Let’s take a look at the trading conditions for this Account.

  • $123 will be waiting for you to trade with no verification required.
  • You can only Trade for 7 days with this type of Account, after that, the balance will be zeroed, and the profit will be recorded on the dashboard area of your “$123 Bonus Account
  • When 7 days elapses, your account will be changed from “Bonus $123” to Unlimited.
  • On the First Day of each month you will be able to withdraw as much profit received using the $123 Bonus fund as many lots you have traded within the previous month x3 – like with an example of 50 lots = $150 profit available to be withdrawn thus Profit can be withdrawn every month in parts, in proportions according to the lots traded within the previous month.

Here’s the FBS Example

You got the bonus at 15:00 on August 3.

At 15:00 on August 10 all your orders were closed, the account balance was zeroed, your bonus account became “Unlimited”, profit in the amount of $312 was recorded on the promotion page in your Personal Area. Your account balance in MetaTrader 4 became 0.

To withdraw the total profit of $312, it is necessary to trade 104 lots.
Suppose you have traded 46,2 lots from August 10 to 31 (see p.3 of the Conditions). It means that on September 1, you will be able to transfer 46,2*3=$138,6 out of $312 to your trading account and either uses the funds in trading or withdraw them.
From September 1 to 30, you have traded 57,8 lots. It means that on October 1, you will be able to transfer 57,8*3=$173,4 to your trading account and either uses the funds in trading or withdraw them.

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